Tiong Bahru Heritage Tour

20 Aug 2017 – And Many Other Activities

Fri: TGIF and not a good start for the weekend where world news are concern. Thoughts and prayers to ppl affected at the Barcelona Terror Attack. A safe weekend to all and stay vigilant.


While re-arranging&tiding up the book shelf, Erich von Däniken’s Chariots of the Gods&Return of the Stars came to mind! 1968 UFreshman, idealist, naive, innocence, etc was intrigued with them. Bought and read the paper-bag publications then. 30yrs later, 1998 read them again, (not so idealist, etc), but still fascinated. Gel’s friends wanted to borrow them, but was unwilling to lend them out. Today (back to being idealist again without the chariots or stars!), but unable to locate them. Would like to read them again and wonder if the 1968 publications front covers were the same as the newer publications??

Tkx for good company – Bev, TingTing&CH. A lovely Fri evening at the Arab Street area in this colourful noisy ambiance, fun once in awhile!

Dinner@Box n Sticks****

Drinks@Blu Jaz – Bali Lane, this location is an interesting if you want a night out for live jazz. Glad that Rit’s flute has been recovered from the KL robbery, hope that it is in decent condition.

Congratulations to Bev’s RPstudents for their Sharella Project, such an excellent idea, especially with the recent downpours – hope that this can spread to more areas. Would leave some of my umbrellas if they had it in my hood.


10thAnniversarySINnightFestival 2017 –  starts tonight but too tired to go, some other time.


Sat: TiongBahru combines two words Tiong =to die (verb) in the Hokkien dialect, and the Malay word Bahru=new, hence new cemetery. TiongBahru estate and the grounds of the SGH and a great deal of the land along TiongBahruRd all the way to LengKeeRd, was once part of a Chinese cemetery.

Sat: an educational&interesting TiongBahruHeritageTrail by the ITE College West students and Siow Hong (nice surprise, last time we met was over a decade ago@OSSEAfunctions). YipYewChong (TiongPohRoad/Eu ChinStreetBlock 74), you are part of the heritage! Bird Corner and Monkey God Temple.

Market&FoodCentre, 55TiongBahruRd is the first public housing programmes of the SIN Improvement Trust (the colonial predecessor to the HDB), 82TiongPohRd – where 2ppl were injured in a recent fire.

EngWattStreet,  SengPohGarden, LimLiakSt&MohGuanTerrace


Art & Painting Group: LowThoSeng@TanjongPagarCC to see Philip’s painting (pix credit to Philip for his painting pix).

The 900-year-old ‘Nidarosdomens Guttekor’ (Nidaros Cathedral Men&Boys Choir) from Norway will be performing in SIN for the first time in OCT – such angelic pure voices, thrilled to get a preview of them@NationalGallery.


Walking across the Padang to catch the bus, managed to capture these. Preparations for some marathon is in full and will certainly not set foot near here tomorrow! Need to rest for a week after these activities the past 2days. Does living like there is no tomorrow means that I do not want to miss out or does it mean that the end is near???

Sun: appreciations to Henry for good lunch company and tkx to Jo for dinner.