Where Words Fail Music Speaks

4 Aug 2017 – Welcome August

Mon-Wed: here in the neighbourhood, preparations for SIN 52nd Bday are in full swing or should I say completed! Catching up and chilling with mundane activities, nursing a deep cough and surfing online. Some links where Where Words Fail Music Speaks that I would like to KIV here.


Orchestral Musicians Bring Whales To Surface –


Would like to imagine that many of us are listening and hearing these lyrics and most important, practicing them! PEACE be with us all✌️


All pix from links downloaded.

Thu: morning walk to MarineTerrace wet-market and on EastCoastRd for grocery & foods.

Do like the Peranaka culture&foods, so just as well this is my neighbourhood!

Welcome back to SIN Richard&Judy and enjoy your stay here. Tkx to them and Hong for Peranaka food, the kind that is difficult to get when living overseas. Lovely catching up with childhood friends, now Age to Perfection with local foods in a local tropical presentation.


Growing old is humbling and it takes effort to accomplish this stage of life with dignity – Kilroy Oldster

2 Aug – Happy Bday Claire

4 Aug – Happy Bday Candice Tay

5 Aug – Happy Bday LAM ChengEn

9 Aug – Happy 50th Bday SIN

10 Aug – Happy Bday LAM JenWee