17 Aug 2017 – Horizons Of Change

Mon: appreciations to Aileen for her help with copies for the application to a Senior Pass – The National Parks&Federal Recreational Lands in USA, hopefully the notarized copies from a lawyer is acceptable!

Tkx to Sue for the time@her office – will donate Norges Lover 1685-1981 to her for an additional to all the other law books in the conference room! Will certainly make an impression to non-speaking Norwegian clients and to surprise Norwegian clients 🙂

The Marmalade Pantry****(Oasia Hotel Downtown). Yummy Truffles Fries and tasty Minute-Steak Sandwich.

Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA市区重建局, the national urban planning authority of SIN where I like to visit whenever in the area and when time permits – highly recommended. Enjoy the regular updates and info of my birth island-city&country. Today there is a new painting at the lobby, Horizons of Change by ChanKerk Tay.

The model of the whole SIN island is so thoroughly well-done that in spite of my aging eye-sight, can still find&see where my accommodations can be located!

See The Big Picture by Stephen Wiltshire is located here on Level2

To the library@Esplanade to collect the reserved MeePokMan DVD and to Spotlight@PlazaSIN to get some sewing accessories. Indeed a very busy&productive Mon!

Tue: grocery shopping around dinner time for reduced items+3%discount can be a decent saving. Also not so crowded and foods like roast-chicken, prawns, pork&salmon are reduced. All that including washing detergent at Giant/Parkway under S$50 with PassionCard points added.

Wed: tkx to Pat for T@Tanglin Club. Nice to catch up with Cecelia who lives half the year in Aus.

Movie The Big Sick****based on the real-life courtship between Pakistan-born aspiring comedian Kumail and Emily, a grad student. What they thought would be just a one-night stand blossoms into the real thing, which complicates the life of Kumail whose parents are traditional Muslim.

Thu: so sad to hear about these devastating floods in Sierra Leone (Kitty is safely away at present). Nepal (Deepak, where are you?). Thoughts&prayers are with the ppl affected.




Lunched@Crossings Cafe – tkx to KK. Appreciations to cousin Karen for her delicious home-made Kuching Laksa – pix credits of me to her.


Yummy bread from Asanoya****in good company with lovely cool, wet&rainy weathers.