Total Eclipse In SC

23 Aug 2017 –  Typhoon Hato In HKG

Mon: welcome back to SIN Carmel; tkx to Ivy for lunch and to Carmel for goodies from Ireland and Ipoh. Good to be able to introduce one of my favourite Peranaka restaurants here in SIN to those who like Peranaka food.

Those who are lucky to be in the path of the total eclipse enjoy and make a wish for me.

Will be fast asleep, maybe can dream about it for 2mins 30secs here in SIN at 0243hrs when it passes over CAE at app 1443hrs EDT. Pix credits to Linn&friends.

Tue: needed the day to prepare contents&slides for the TEDxKeystoneAcademy 2017 presentation – Off The Beaten Path where the focus that AGE should not be an excuse and reason to not challenge oneself wisely from learning new things and living a full life.

Some of my own experiences with long distance hiking will be used.

Wed: first day of the school year for The FaBulous5 now in 10, 7, 5, 4, 1 Graders. Even #6 started first grade last week. This year all the MagniFicent6 are in school, no more pre or nursery kids.  Have to find other babies to cuddle as May has said that she is happy with just OlaiPix credits to Linn.

Family&friends in HKG – plx take care and stay safe.

Makerspace@XPC participating in a research agency in SIN that is fronting a project on housing concepts for retirees and seniors.

Another new hood for the first time – TaiSeng, an industrial estate occupied by Multinational Corporations. Lunched at the mall where there are more choices than expected.

The Arts House at The Old Parliament – Lee Fook Chee: Son of Singapore, Photographer of Hong Kong. (3Aug-3Sep) The 2015 launch of Lee Fook Chee’s Hong Kong. Dr Charles Yeung, founder of the GS Charity Foundation and book sponsor; to the left, Bernard Charnwut Chan, Foundation Patron; Helmuth Hennig, Foundation Chairman; and to the right, Edward Stokes, Foundation Founder and Publisher. Group pix credits to Ed.

Light within Ink (18Aug-18Sep)- SIN photographer and art gallerist Chua SooBin presents more than 50 beautifully intimate portraits of late Chinese painter Wu Guanzhong shot between the mid-1980s to late 2000s.

Being a fan of Wu Guanzhong, had planned to see this exhibition and read about Lee Fook Chee; thought it would be interesting as my maternal family is from HKG. Was talking to a nice gentleman who sat next to me on the bus last week. And as the turn of events, he is the Ed Stokes – small world!

Was thinking of popping into ACM, but as I got into the lobby, it was packed with a field-trip of noisy school-kids. Could not resist this beautiful batik set of 5-stones with a pouch at the museum-shop (S$10). Decided to skip the exhibits for this time round.

When time permits in this area, like to see what is new in the Fullerton Hotel. These fish are sleeping behind the pillar, a seldom time to be able to shoot a pix of them when they are still. A signage to not touch the fish is new!!

Their bakery displays have never disappointed me! Moon-cakes are out and the festival is not until mid-Oct! The set with 15flavours surrounding a big one with 6egg-yorks is a lovely gift idea. For myself, only like the original plain lotus without eggs which is too simple and ordinary to be sold here 🙂

Art for Autism

Cultivate the habit of being grateful for every good thing that comes to you, and to give thanks continuously. And because all things have contributed to your advancement, you should include all things in your gratitude ― Ralph Waldo Emerson 

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