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6 Aug 2017 – 1925-1985+Today

Fri-Sun: spent a couple of hours@National Museum, but not enough time. Need to return to go thru’ SIN History Gallery.

Modern Colony 1925-1935 – with the industrialization of the West, introduced new ideas, technologies and cultures were adapted. Set in a 1920s B/W bungalow, this gallery explores the cosmopolitan nature of SIN as a British Crown colony.

The whole atmosphere is different. It’s 1926-27, it’s a thoroughfare. There were motorcars… it’s like coming from a very primitive village (Swatow) to town (Orchard Rd) – Lee MuiLing

Surviving Syonan 1942-1945 – how SIN coped with daily life in a period of great adversity, a time when most will prefer not to have happened and or remembered.

Growing Up 1955-1965 – this is the only era that I can relate best to, being born in 1950 and leaving SIN in 1965! The Everyday Kid, The Rebels, The Neighbours

The Crescendos, first local pop-band, record label with Philips (1963). Toys like home-made catapult, paper- dolls were my favourites. Sport trophies&medals won by SIN including Tan HoweLiang’s Olympic silver in Rome (1960) for weightlifting.

We Built A Nation 1965-1975 – is dedicated to an exploration of the first 10pivotal years of independence that shaped SIN history. It pays tribute to LKY contributions to SIN, and the ideals and convictions that shaped him and his generation of leaders.

Nice to see Yip YewChong’s painting under the staircase.

Voices of SIN 1975-1985 – attempt to define the SIN identity.

1950, the pop of SIN was 1+mil with 1,487ppl perSqKm – today’s pop 5+mil with 8,571ppl perSqKm. Am totally claustrophobic and dislike crowds and noises, thus learning how to survive here…

Glass Rotunda – Story of the Forest and Singapore, Very Old Tree.  Colourful digital presentation.  Photography installation explores the discourse of nature in SIN.

Desire and Danger – at the GohSengChooGallery, this exhibition explores WilliamFarquhar Collection of Natural History Drawings explores the complex and sometimes uneasy relationship between man and nature. Whenever Farquhar is mentioned, it is easy to speculate that if history is correct, then Kama has done its job with Raffles’s children – considering how badly Raffles treated Farquhar…

Random pix from the museum. Those chandlers were red a decade ago, now they are of Swarovki crystals.

Movie Hampstead***an American widow, adrift and struggling to keep her flat in the London suburb of Hampstead and a man who lives on the Heath form an alliance against unscrupulous property developers in the neighborhood.

Curiosity leads to friendship and unexpected late-life love.

Campers’ Corner@51 Waterloo St, geared and ready with a new season even a fireplace for your comfort if and when the AC gets too cold! The only outfitters store where you can sit and relax with a cuppa or a glass of wine while discussing about the best suitable gears for your needs.

Tkx to Calvin for dinner@Taste of Thailand***(formerly from SembawangShoppingCentre Basement) Stall 12, 18 SinMingLane, MidviewCity. First time in this location tasting the yummy LaoPoSoup老婆湯, full of seafood which has a tinge of Thai flavour!


Mr Ang tells me that the Lao Po soup is so named because it is something he would cook for his wife regularly.  It epitomizes his style of cooking. Not quite Thai, not quite Singaporean.  It has that characteristic tang but not as tangy as a ‘tom yum’.  It is milky but not quite like a ‘tom kha’.  It tastes more like a Thai Red Curry cross with curry laksa without the laksa leaves.  There is a treasure trove of seafood in the claypot apart from the crab which gives the soup a good crustacean umami boost –  Dr Leslie Tay

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