Paying Respects

6 Nov 2016 – Kwong Wai Siew Peck San Theng


Peck San Theng 碧山亭 in the 1950s as vivid as the memory tells in these B/W. The one of the cemetery without people is downloaded. 1950 grandfather LAM SongKee’s funeral from the family collection. 1955 – paying respects already at the age of 5! Gone are all my grandparents and parents, but never forgotten.


Fri: TGIF. Yun & I paid our respects to our common paternal grandparents, LAM SongKee (1891-1950) and CHAN SweeNgor (1891-1978)@Kwong Wai Siew Peck San Theng/廣惠肇碧山亭. Took us about 1hr on #13bus in the rains. By the time we got there about noon, the sky cleared for us to do our duties. There are 100,000niche capacity here.


img_2407Glad that we took the time to explore this location. Was first time here 8yrs ago, also with Yun and then we only had time to pay our respects with the blue generation, but did not check the grounds. It was then that Yun observed that the glass was cracked on our grandmother’s niche. It is now replaced with marble. Strange that our beloved helper’s, HungJeh niche is under grandfather. Fond memories of a gracious and kind person. She made the best dishes, and up to today am unable to taste anything as good as some of her dishes.


The KuanYin temple is amazing. Cannot quite get enough of the intricate craftsmanship of roof tops and the interiors here.


The porcelain wall murals – Chinese classic stories from the Romance of 3Kingdoms +many more murals inside this temple.


Tranquil landscaped garden with the Kwong WS monument and the 2 temples are quite a serene sight to reflect from the pavilion. The modern design of the niche buildings are a contrast from the temples, but fits in nicely.


Glad to have talked to a gentleman at the administration building who gave us a brief run-down on the history and yes this is the original location of our grandparents’ cemetery. Appreciations to them for providing me a wonderful and blissful childhood; to HungJeh for her cooking which has taught me how good food should taste.


Playing tourist on Emerald Hill Rd. Somehow this area does bring up a picture of the play Emily of Emerald Hill (1989) by Sella Kon – a fascinating play about a journey thru’ human consciousness, and thru’ time…



img_2537Alamak, had to be kiasu to make sure we get to see everything at the SIN Visitor Centre on Orchard Rd including a virtual tour. Also can buy a chope umbrella for S$22, prefer my old-fashion tissue way and does not matter if stolen!

Snacking on a piece of bakkwa from Bee Cheng Hiang. Pity that Yun is unable to bring that and the pork floss back to Canada.


Chow Kueh Teow@Zion Rd. Memory lane thru’ Tiong Bahru&Seng Poh Rd where Yun&family lived in the 1950s and early 1960s. Popped by the lobby@Fullerton Hotel as we had to change bus there. One does not blame her for moving out to stay with her half-sister after what I have put her thru’ 🙂


Sat: nice to catch up with more family including 13Auntie&Uncle. Appreciations to cousin Annie&family for a scrumptious dinner@Beng Hiang****one of SIN most famous Hokkien restaurants. 8 course dinner including a soup and dessert. Was formally located@Amoy St, now@Jurong Gateway Rd.


锦绣拼盘/Cold Dish Combination – lobster, jellyfish, century-eggs, Hokkien spring-rolls/Ngor Hiang, 海南烧猪 Suckling Pig (Boneless) – Charcoal Roasted, Steamed fish.


香脆蚝煎/Fried Oysters with Egg (Oyster Omelette), 炆白菜粒/Traditional Braised Whole White Cabbage and 生日寿桃/Longevity Birthday Buns.

Sun: both mind and stomach need to rest before the heart gives in – going to be another busy week ahead. Have so far managed to not repeat any foods for Yun but now that she is with Annie&family, it is up to her to remember what she has eaten 🙂


Winter is hitting with full force in Norway (winter pix downloaded).


Remember that if there were a lot of red berries on the Rowan trees (pix taken last month in Norway), then it’s going to be a long cold winter (Norwegian folklore). Stay safe&warm Norwegian family&friends. US family&friends, remember to Fall back.


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