Early Thanksgiving

20 Nov 2016 – Welcome Cousin Yeng From Vancouver


Fri: TGIF – walked to Marine Cove/EC Pk for brunch, good MeeSiam at Hill St Coffee Coffee Shop****


CBD for banking and shopping. Ocean Financial Centre –  like the fish mural. Spanning a total area of 2,125.56sq m, this garden previously held the Guinness World Record for the largest vertical garden in the world. Needs some maintenance to show that it is shaped to the world’s map!


Suntec/Fountain of Wealth, ACM, LauPatSat/BoonTatSt for satay, local cockles(see-hum), kangkong/Ipomoea aquatica, sting-ray and yummy chicken-wings dinner.


Continued to Chinatown by DowntownMRT to MeiHeongYuen for Taiwanese shaved-ice, tkx to niece and nephew.

Sat: lunched with 4sis-in-law and visited bro Steven@Bukit Merah – tkx to DaisyLam. Been while (about 30yrs ago) since I  was last here@Jelita Cold Storage where PizzaHut was once located and now replaced by Delifrance.


An early Thanksgiving dinner before Yun takes off. Appreciations to Annie&Neo at their beautiful home for getting together 13aunt&uncle (who had to leave early), 16aunt, 18aunt&uncle, cousin Yeng (welcome back to SIN from Vancouver/Canada) and Ai-Ling&fam.


Yummy hotpot with the best varieties of meats and fish and Veuve Clicquot bubbles to top them off. Yellow DragonFruit (sweet and tasty, unlike the taste of the ones with red-skin) and durians, king of fruits without a doubt! Ending the evening with the perfect nightcap of Glenlivet XXV Single Malt before crashing to bed.

A good gulp of hot whiskey at bedtime—it’s not very scientific, but it helps – Alexander Fleming


Sun: welcome Winnie from CA/USA who arrived yesterday – again@Marine Cove, enjoying the Hill St Laksa, MeePok and MeeSiam. Glad that they got caught up now as they last met 43yrs ago in 1973.

A quiet and light dinner tonight for Yun before flying back to the winter tomorrow!