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12 Nov 2016 – To The Purple Generation

Mon: welcome to the world #30 Eliot Yihua Lam-Tribbe – born on Mon 7Nov, weight 7lbs 13 oz to Kat&Greg.

img_2363img_2542Mailed off Flat Stanley + Gardens By The Bay brochures back to Perth/Australia, a project PP’s grandson is doing for his class.

Flat Stanley will just have to be satisfied with one location, did not have the energy to do more!

Tkx to H&H for the colour print-out.


VivoCity with the newly renovated Kopitiam, also jacked up with new prices – a bowl of Beef Vietnamese Pho for S$6+

583e82f98c_345x518_5e76fcc95dWatched Tsukiji Wonderland****a documentary film about the famed Japanese fish market which spotlights Japan’s food culture and hundreds of intermediate wholesalers in the market who devote their lives to procuring the finest, most desirable seafood. The film preserves on screen the fish market that has been operating for about 80yrs and according to the Tokyo Metropolitan Central Wholesale Market, offered more than 400 types of seafood, with a total market value of about ¥1.6bil (around US$15.8 mil) a day in 2014.


Tue: pick up food here and there in the East for dinner today. Les famous mussels and caviar, 3 different kind of roasts, Salt-baked chicken and 2 veggie dishes was more than enough food for 10ppl. Forgot pix until dessert – Henri Charpentier cheese cake (the best I have tasted so far) from Ai-Ling, more cheese cakes from Sue and local fruits from me.


Wed: 9-11; 11-9



img_2553Breakfast@Blk51, 132TeoChiewNoodle first before leading Yun to the Courts of Hell@HawPaVilla!

These courts are so gruesome to be posted that they are now placed in a tunnel of their own. Much of the sculptures in the whole park are under maintenance and they sure do need a new layer of paint.


img_2617img_2621Since we were in the area, a short rest@The Norwegain Seamen’s Mission, 300Pasi Panjang Rd for a Solo and to pick up some kransekaker. The Peak@Balmeg Hill must have the biggest pool I have seen in a condo-complex, tkx to Pauline, Tama, Ruben & Eva for showing us their lovely condo. Tkx Yun, KoreanBBQ dinner@JuShinJung@WestCoastRd with interesting napkins. Must get myself some of these.


Thu: Yun’s MGS reunion. Tourist guiding up stairways to heaven via 3-storey high boots with Alice & Yun@Orchard Central after her reunion lunch.


Lovely evening stroll with the finger 🙂 Appreciations to Gene&staff@CC for fitting Yun with a pair of walking Chaco. Great to catch up with Jenny&Bill after 15+yrs! Tkx for good dinner company@First Stop Food Junction/261 Queen St with Yoshie.


Fri: TGIF a good weekend to all. Located amidst lush greenery at the top of Bukit Panjang Hill is Urban Farm & Barn a secret hideaway in SIN. Tkx TIngTing for a wonderful tour and a taste of her top-class fresh herbs&produce+special unusual edible flowers. No wonder places like Odette*****buys from her!


Cranberry Hibiscus ( (aka False roselle, African rosemallowHibiscus acetosella) is a striking and colorful plant with red leaves that resemble. Mexican tarragon (Tagetes lucida Cav) used as a medicinal plant and as a culinary herb. The leaf have a tarragon-like flavor, with hints of anise. Okinawan spinach (edible gynura), is a member of the chrysanthemum family.


Edible flowers – Snake gourd (Trichosanthes cucumerina) such a delicate flower. The yellow Cucumber flower, about an inch in diameter with a bit of cucumber flavor.


PUB is entitled to draw 250 mil gal of raw water daily from the Johor River under the 1962 Water Agreement with Malaysia (expiring 2061). In exchange, SIN is obliged to sell 5mil gal of treated water to Johor each day – ST 18Jul2016.

The only exposing water pipelines to and from JB can be seen here – 3pipes bringing the water in and 3pipes out. Thus no buildings or tree are permitted on these green paths.


Tkx to Ting for letting us tag along to Sentose for her delivery. Interesting to see how it is possible to grow her produce in Mars. When TingTing’s herbs&produce + coconut trees can grow in Mars, it will then be time for a visit In the meanwhile, will just take a walk on Mars@Palawan Beach held in conjunction with the premiere of National Geographic Channel’s MARS series.


Chinatown: as a starter, one of the best soya-sauce chickens – Chiew-Kee Noodle House, followed by an afternoon eating and shopping. Good of Daisy to join us and thx for lunch at the northern Chinese cuisine, my favourtie raw bitter gourd salad and mutton kebab. IceKahang@People’s Park and Herbal Jelly/guilinggao.

What kind of world is this that can send machines to Mars and does nothing to stop the killing of a human being – Jose Saramago

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