Doctors&Patient Testing C-Negative

20 Jun 2022 – Staying Strong&Positive

Fri: tkx to Les&Ivy for scrumptious foods paring perfectly with his champagne&wine to celebrate our C-negative testings, but staying positive&strong to welcome Catherine&Lee from across the boarder.

ParadiseTeochew 潮樂轩@Takashimaya where they have changed their flavour to a spicy taste for the WhiteBait – prefer the non-spicy ones, but still good together with the pickled veggie for an appetite pick-up. TeochewStyleSteamedPomfret 潮式蒸鲳鱼 always fresh and made to perfection by the chef who has been cooking for Les since 20+yrs ago; TeochewStyleRoastedSucklingPig 潮式烧乳猪

Stir-friedJapaneseA4WagyuBeefCube with SlicedGarlic 蒜片A4日本和牛肉粒 yummy tender beef perfect with the garlic, BraisedMustardGreen with CrabMeat&DriedFishMaw 蟹肉鱼鳔扒大芥菜, ChilledOsmanthusJelly 桂花糕 a refreshing dessert to end this wonderful meal, perfect foods to recover by!

Sat: Thanks to Sarafian Salleh for this interesting share – Singapore as one of the most graveyards in the world. Its strategic location since the age of maritime trade has attracted people from all over the world to trade and eventually called this island, home. My quest to look for graves is to understand the diversity of the ancient societies here in Singapore which has made this island unique. Almost 90% of the graves of these early settlers have been exhumed to make way for commercial and residential development. Some people believe that houses built on graves bring about prosperity and luck. While others try to avoid living on them, fearing the spirits will affect their lives. Nevertheless, I can confidently say that the entire island were covered with graves. This evidently shows that Singapore has all time been a vibrant entrepot to the world. May the souls of our forefathers rest in peace. Without them, there is no prosperous Singapore today. 

I remember PeckSanTheng 碧山亭 (pix downloaded) from the 1950-60s, the cemetery (now no longer) where my paternal grandfather&mother were buried and also where we used to pay our respects during the annual Qingming.

Sun: Happy Father’s Day to all fathers with loving memories to the best father for me (pix from 1950s, 60s&70s).

To my 1st&2nd-born’s father (pix 1983Norway) and to the fathers (pix 2021USA, 2016Norway) of #1-6, thank you for being such wonderful fathers to my grandchildren. To my 3grandsons who some day might be future fathers.

One of the most adorable eye-candy! modern-day fathers for this Father’s Day – will inspire me to practice Liszt’s LaCampanella over&over, especially the first page – hahaha

Mon: stay dry, healthy&safe on this cool wet Monday, also  World Refugee Day and a good week ahead to all – enjoying the rains making me feel lazy&relax, an excuse to procrastinate whatever plans I had today!

Rain produces a sound akin to white noise. The brain gets a tonic signal from white noise that decreases this need for sensory input, thus calming us down – Kimberly Hershenson

World Refugee Day, an international day designated by the UN to honour refugees around the globe. In the past decade, the global refugee population has more than doubled. According to UNHCR, ~100mil ppl around the world have been forced to flee their homes, so sad, but who wants to live where there are wars? Among them ~26.6mil refugees, the highest population on record and these numbers are only going to increase with this on-going Ukraine war.

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