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24 Jun 2022 – Summer Solstice & Sankthans/Midsummer

Tue: Happy Summer Solstice & World Music Day/Fête de la Musique – tkx to the parents of #1-6 for encouraging their children, ie my grandchildren to enjoy&play some music instrument and appreciations to all music-teachers&musicians. To all – you do not need a language, speech or word to appreciate&enjoy music.

Music is the universal language of mankind ― Henry Longfellow
In a recent study, scientists reveal further evidence supporting this brain-building tactic. Learning music early in life actually makes the brain more connected.
Started my summer solstice evening on bus36 stopping at MilleniaWalk/Meidi-ya’s alfresco BeerGarden&Cafe for an ice-cream treat to start my evening walk. Trying my best to do outdoors activity, as it is have to take the bus, but do so around non-rush-hours.
Crossing RafflesBlvd, walking along TemasekAve towards HelixBrg spying on NDP’s rehearsal for 9Aug – starting with #1MotherEarthClimateChangeDataSculpture projected on the ArtScienceMuseum. Hoping to catch as many of these 20iLight installations but posting shots that turned out OK from my camera – for professional shots this is the link to view them:
#2PlasticWhale and here was also where Spectra – Light& WaterShow, a free nightly outdoor displayed over the water at the EventPlaza
There was quite a crowd but manageable for me to handle outdoors, also being the last week for both school holidays&iLight it was to be expected – passing by some live music at these drinking joints, also packed.
#5RuffledIce, #7AloneTogether, #8CollectiveMemory
#9KeepOnMoving, #11FireflyField
#12Fallen, #14Florescentia
Crossing AndersonBrg to QE-Walk with #16Re-Act reflecting on the water remembering sweet childhood memories are my reactions whenever I am around the EsplanadePark
Made my evening and put a smile on my face when I overheard a tiny voice asking: ‘did they catch the mouse?’ while walking by #18Underworld&#19MeetMeUnderTheMoon. Enjoyed these bright lights on a lovely breezy evening – has been a long while ago since I was on my feet for 3+hrs on one go!
Wed: grocery shopping@Giant/Tampines, delighted to discover that SS is now 5% instead of 3% and that applies for Sat&Sun for this month. Total bill S$105 after deducting promotions$9.50, PassionCpts$1.20&SS$5.59.
Thu: god Sankthansaften to my Norwegian family&friends and to all celebrating mid-summer’s eve. Also a Christian holiday, which celebrates John the Baptist‘s Bday. However, it coincides with an ancient Pagan tradition, summer solstice, the longest day of the year! Paintings by NikolaiAstrup putting me in the mood for midsummer’s eve.
Appreciations to Paul, an English gentleman who eloquently settled a discussion concerning summer solstice, midsummer and St John the Baptist DOB. Yes, it’s a bit confusing – summer solstice is 21 June but mid-summer’s day is 24 June, and mid-summer eve 23rd June (yes, the maths was a bit challenging ). St John the Baptist has traditionally been assigned a birthday of 24th June (I dont know why but I suspect it’s the same principle of assigning a Christian festival to a traditional pagan feast day as with Christmas). But depending on the country, parties start either on 23rd or 24th June.
My reply, tkx for the informative comment, just keep partying from 20-24Jun – hahaha.
Fri: checking out parts of ECPk for a possible&suitable area to set up a get-together picnic during USA family’s visit next month.

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