Tonito – Good Latin-American Food

27 Jun 2022 – Dusit Thani Laguna

Friday’s evening@Jewel/Tonito – good Latin-American food which includes tacos, quesadillas, burritos, stews, paella, grilled meat and more was pleasantly surprised with the decent service despite of the weekend crowd there.

The sweet purple potato recommendation of the day was delicious – do not remember what it was called as not in the menu. SalchipapasS$16 KurobutaSausage with Chorizo, CrispyFries, MustardAioli, GarlicAioli, OK, but slightly on the salty-side for my taste. Refreshing VirginMojito$10 (Classic | Strawberry | Orange)MintLeaves, FreshFruit, Sprite

PaellaMarinera$28 mixed Seafood, KurobutaSausage, Chickpea, CilantroMayo; ChickenQuesadillas$16 FlourTortilla, CheddarCheese, CharredChicken, PineappleSalsa; Mariachi$35 slow-cooked PorkRibs, AdoboVinaigrette, BraisedBean – all good&tasty

Japanese-French bakery, LadyM-Confections, prides itself on creating the freshest, finest cakes&confectionary delights, but seriously 3pieces of cakes+3coffees for $69??? And with the new K-pop inspired light&sound show, impossible to keep up with the younger generation and their expensive taste for foods&toys.

Amazing golf resort and was actually planning to walk from ECPk, but glad to have called in advance to learn about the ongoing constructions, thus the underpass is closed and

walking part of the main road on XilinAve to get to DusitThaniLaguna would be tempting fate, especially in the dark!

Was driven there this time round and nice to be able to check it out, but when constructions are completed, might be tempted to walk here for a swim+SPA-treatment some day. To walk from my 4-walls – ECPk/MarineCoveBedok PCN ECP exit – DusitThaniLaguan is ~6+k and would take 1+hr.

Sad news to hear&read about. Citing police advice, Oslo-Pride organizers cancelled Sat’s parade – We will soon be proud and visible again, but today we will mark Pride celebrations at home, they said. To all in Norway and around the world, please be safe. Ignorance is the consequences to discriminations, violence, wars, etc. And against ignorance&stupidity, even the gods Themselves contend in vain.

Sat: Happy Bdays to these 3fine young men, nephew John (55), nephew Clement (50) and friend Huang in Hawaii/USA who I am proud to be addressed as auntie by them all. It is difficult to imagine or even think that some of my nephews&nieces are into their 50s&60s! And now even grand-nephews are into their 30s!!

Lunched@my favourite CCF@MTmarket with Wendy

Tkx to all who shared their foods@CC – first time tasting this cheese (AlpBlossom), always fun tasting all kinds of foods there.

Sun: a day to clear up pix taken over the week and to organize them.

Mon: lousy night sleeps the past few nights and woke with a splitting headache – that too shall pass! Staying in my 4-walls and taking it easy, good to not have to be at work or anything today.

Monday, Monday, so good to me
Monday mornin’, it was all I hoped it would be
Those from my era might know the song – enjoy your last Mon in Jun and a good week to all.

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