East Coast Park 2022

30 Jun 2022 – Areas F-H

Tue: do wonder what these leaf will look like when they are fully opened? In the meanwhile enjoying the unusual folded moments and looking forward to seeing them when they are ready to unfold.

Though we see the same world, we see it through different eyes. Any help we can give you must be different from that you can give yourselves, and perhaps the value of that help may lie in the fact of that difference – Author: Virginia Woolf

Not sure why I am feeling so out of myself, perhaps due to the after or side effects being infected with Covid? A long overdue haircutS$10 helped with cooling down the neck area, but the head is still on the heavy side! Some colourful Bday motif pix to share and if only I could bake such a cake like ErinHH. Appreciations to all concerning FB-friends for their kind comments.

Would have liked to be sitting in this cafe in Lisbon/Portugal for a cuppa, tkx to PaulC for the share. Or being in this tree-house in Castlecomer/Ireland (pix credits to AnnetteK from Australia who is visiting Mario).

Or in Tromsø/Northern Norway with the mid-night despite of memories of having the need of black-out curtains – pix credits to EllenB. Some of my favourite pix from FB-friends – tkx to all who permitted me to live vicariously thru’ their wonderful moments around the world. Not sure when I can feel comfortable to travel overseas again? Still have more tests and follow-up appts@SGH in Jul&Aug.

Interesting info&good advice+pix from her trip tkx to CarolN: Now back home after testing negative before boarding flight! Probably shouldn’t have bothered delaying flight home as no-one wearing masks anwhere; Covid cough (I now recognize the sound!) everywhere around, airports jammed due to delays; cancellations, etc.
We arrived at Dublin airport 4 hours ahead of our flight (as advised by hotel, cab drivers, etc), and got through to the gate in time for scheduled departure. The airport was a zoo with multiple flights cancelled (200 by Aer Linguas alone) the day before due to lack of ground staff, flight crews, etc) – and the summer peak season isn’t till July/August! Our flight was then delayed for over an hour (not cancelled this time, thank goodness), and then we ended up sitting on the tarmac upon arrival at Newark for over 30 mins waiting for a gate (and staff to manage it) to open up. Many people missed connections but we were lucky and arrived home at midnight after travelling for nearly 20 hours (from Dublin!!!). Could have gone to Australia in less time!
Words of advice. Flying internationally (to UK/Europe, anyway) right now is not for the faint-hearted, the immuno-compromised, or the impatient. If you really have to, take only hand luggage (which you may not get to keep with you as not enough room in overhead bins) and two days supply of “necessities” in a small piece of hand luggage that you can keep with you under the seat when your carryon luggage is taken from you. You can always buy other necessities (Ann and Rita had a ball in Marks & Spencers in Edinburgh) if your luggage is lost for more than a couple of days!
Funny coincidence – a cab driver in Dublin told us about an Australian dad and son who had come over for a golfing trip. 10 days later, dad’s case and golf clubs had still not arrived so they went back to Australia without it! However, when we were looking through piles of unsecured lost luggage in Edinburgh for our luggage, we had seen a case with a luggage tab from Sydney and some golf clubs. So, maybe they’ll get it back some day!
In spite of all, Ann and I made the best of our “covid break” and took miles of solitary walks in and around Dublin, seeing things we wouldn’t have otherwise. Thank goodness we had each other!! Rita never got Covid, in spite of having shared a room with Ann, and managed to meet up with her friend in Denmark. She is now en route home, but like Ann and I on our return trip, is dealing with delayed/cancelled flights and possible missed connections.
Overall, an adventure, but not what one might call a “relaxing” holiday! But the Irish are the friendliest, most helpful of people and there are worse places one could get “stuck.”

Wed: up dark&early to hopefully walk off this heavy head, also to check out where would be the good spot for a family&friends get-together picnic@EC-Pk. Looks like there are some ongoing construction works at AreaF, still possible to find a spot near the Bougainvillea-Gardens but not sure if it is a good idea?

AreaG does not have convenient carparks or public restrooms and much of this area is fenced off by OutwardBound

AreaH opp the NationalServiceResort&CountryClub is an ideal nice spot and far from the maddening crowd, but not sure how this will work out for others. Will need to get some feedback over the next 2weeks before confirming the exact location.

Can park, use the restrooms and also if needed food can be taken away or eat at the NSRCC, Stella, Ray’sBeachHouse, BellyViewZiChar but not sure how accommodating or welcoming these locations will be on a crowded Sunday without reservations? The head seems lighter after walking for 4+hrs, stopped once for a toilet-break and other short stops to take pix, so getting back into the dark&early walks may be the key to feeling better.

Thu: last day in Jun and that also means we are half way thru’ 2022. Tkx to Wendy for today’s T.

30Jun2022: WorldOmeter of COVID-19 deaths are as follow:

SIN/pop ~5.6+mil in an area of ~721km²  – 1,417
SC/USA/pop ~5+mil in an area of ~82, 932km²  – 18,007
Norway/pop ~5.3+mil in an area of ~365,268km²  – 3,337