So Long OSL

30 Sep 2016 – Hello TOS

Mon: DAY 2 challenge, Ireland – the western part around Dingle Peninsula (Jun2012). Mario Mc Cormick nominated.

O did not want to be at daycare and I was more than happy to spent the day with him. Took him to a playground that he has not been and like me, he seemed to enjoy having this location to himself.


Interesting way to make a wall and the stones inside look well-scrubbed and pretty.


Linn&family would have liked this place. Bring your own logs and we can have a delightful picnic of hot-dogs and roast marshmallows. Even this tiny tree is showing that fall is in the air.


The equipment here are beautifully designed and made of wood.


Lovely walk and yummy but very rich fish soup dinner at Egon@Ullevaal stadion on the way to say goodbye to Hustads.

DAY 3 challenge, HongKong – MacLehose Trail and Repulse Bay (Mar2011-12). Martin Williams nominated.

Tue: cleaning up the mess after me and packing…


DAY 4 challenge, Norway – heading to Tromsø today. Karen Norton nominated.

Wed: had an apple-juice and a cookie with O@BICKS before sending him off to daycare. Will miss him sooo much 🙁 Thought how he would have liked this playground at the airport.


Has been a while since my last domestic flight in Norway and the airport at both ends, OSL (domestic flights section) and TOS are no longer what they used to be – signs of progress, I presume!


Arriving at this angle confused me for a moment as I do not ever remember seeing Tromsdalstinden with so little snow!


Thank you to Hazel&Richard for meeting me at the airport and for a most delicious sei dinner. Has been along while since I had sei (local pollock). The view from their apt brought back good memories, especially with Karl Johans nesa so distinctly and nobly sticking out thru’ the grey clouds. Appreciations to Claire&family for opening their doors to me.

DAY 5 challenge, SIN – a difficult place to get total nature pix! Pulau Ublin, an island off SIN and one of the last rural areas to be found in SIN. Pix taken in Dec2010. Michelle Tan nominated.


Thu: tkx to Ellen for taking time to meet @the new Kystens Hus.


A fishing boat docking and selling its catch – recalling this exact location where I would be bright and early to buy fresh seafood back in the dark ages of the 1970s!


Pix of a pix with my father and I in 1973 – hat, jackets and suits were the dress codes then, not me! Have never own any of these kind of fancy hats 🙂 2016 – same spot except that one is not able to buy seafood straight from the fishing boats any longer


Watching life goes by – dogs and their trainers and window shopping.



Walked about town revisiting places to discover that many of the pix I took this time round are similar to that in the posting below. Just posting some random new ones in this posting.

Guard well within yourself that treasure, kindness. Know how to give without hesitation, how to lose without regret, how to acquire without meanness ― George Sand

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