The Norwegian King’s Speech

8 Sep 2016 – A Speech Going Viral For The Right Reasons…


3above pix downloaded. Strange to think back how some of the Norwegians reacted back in the 1960s when their then Prince Harald married a commoner Sonja (1968)! If my memory serves me correct, the comment was – at least she is a Norwegian. As royal families are concerned, the Norwegian one has not made much headlines or gossips…

Home is where the heart is. That cannot always be placed within country borders – King Harald V of Norway.

Tue: a day to clear and clean after the long-weekend of celebrations. The sky kept threatening with the grey clouds, on the windy side but no rains. Lovely breeze to take a slow stroll.


2above pix credits to Alex. Great job for Linn and Katy, both back on track with their runnings. Linn@Labor Day 5miler 2016.


2above pix credits to Elizabeth. Katy@2016 Palmetto State Cross Country where the boys took 1st place for both Varsity and JV and Varsity girls placed 1st and JV 2nd. Way to go Irmo High and good job, coaches!


Wed: was totally surprised by this little bird that landed in the middle of the floor from out of nowhere. All the windows and doors were still closed early this morning?? The poor little thing was as shocked as I was and trying to get it out on the balcony was not as easy as I thought, but managed to catch it carefully with a piece of tissue and it happily flew away to the nearest apple-tree. All’s well that ends well.


A long walk on this perfect walking day, first to Eivind@Pilestredet Park to get the medical paper-works on the roll.


Continued into town and do like OSL on such evenings when the weather is perfect and watching like goes by is such a pleasure. Wonder why this feeling occurs when mainly in Europe?? Maybe the weather has much to do with it…


Culture Shock And Cultural Differences In Norway. An evening with Alfhild Tveråmo, hosted by Professional Women’s Network Norway@Thon Hotel Opera. NOK150 S$25


Interesting but not interesting enough to make me stay for the whole talk. Still a long way for many there to really understand and reflect on what they were voicing.


Modern lamps and sculptures at the hotel, did not like what I saw spray-painted on the windows at the Opera House across the road.


Lovely evening stroll passing by the Oslo Sentralstasjon with Oslo domkirke/Cathedral in the background.


Commercials for male underwear, I presume 🙂


Thu: wonder why it took me such a long time to wander up this path to Vestre Aker Kirke (1854)? And it is only 5mins walk from where I am…


This morning after delivering O to daycare, took a short walk up the path by the bus-stop and it was indeed a peaceful sight. Must return to view the interior stained-glass.

Happy 69Bday, Alfred in CA,USA- amazing, his last year in his 60s and seems like we are all getting on in age 🙂



Edited 15Sep – pix of the interior of church

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