September 2016

3 Sep 2016 – The Henie Onstad Kunstsenter

IMG_1038Thu: was just looking back at postings of Henie Onstad. Unless you are an ice-skating fan or a Norwegian, many would have not known about Sonja Henie (1912-1969). I am neither, but my father was a big fan of Sonja Henie. This art museum is located at Høvikodden in Bærum municipality. It is situated on a headland jutting into the Oslofjord, app 10k south of OSL.

This is the 4th posting at the same location but different exhibitions.

Family back from the hunt and everything is good and well. Now to get ready for 2b-day celebrations for the weekend and we are into Sep!


Fri: TGIF, some pix from early Aug walking thru’ Slottsparken, The Royal Palace Park. Here in Norway where most places are closed on Sun, Sat is the only day for the working folks to run their errands. Do sometimes accompany May so as to have some time with her inspite of the crowds –  as compared to SIN and other major cities, the crowds here are really nothing to write about.


Tkx Mette for taking time to catch up at Egon@Ullevaal stadion.


Neat place with lots of antiques. Had only a cup of coffee there, so no idea about how the food is, but according to May it is a bad version of TGI Fridays!


Life is short, enjoy and eat your favourite cakes this Labour Weekend 🙂

4 Sep – Happy Bdays MayH & Vince

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