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9 Oct 2015 – At Høvikodden And Majorstuen


Wed: walking to catch the free bus from Frogner Parken to Høvikodden.



Tkx to Kirsten for a lovely afternoon with Hilma af Klint at Henie-Onstad Art Centre, one of my favourtie locations for an art gallery. Was first there with my father in 1967 when it was just opened. See posting below…



Not at all familiar with Hilma af Klint‘s works, so this is new and am not sure as to how I feel about her works??? Will need to read more about her to find out.


Had to walk out of Bølgen & Moi at Henie-Onstad Art Centre!!! Remembering the size of the salad at Bølgen & Moi***Sandvika Storsenter when I was there with M & O, decided to share a shrimp salad with Kris and it was the perfect size and tasted good. The service and the menu selection in this branch is better than that at Henie-Onstad Art Centre.


Another unpleasant incident after getting grocery at Kolsås center tells me that this is NOT the Norway I knew many moons ago when I first moved here 🙁 Good to see Geir too and nice idea with all Kris pix books. Appreciations for sharing and for their sopp-soya.  Glad that Kolsås subway station is finally reopened.

IMG_5783Karsten og Petra på safari

Thu: day with O without day-care. Started the day at Colosseum which is the first time for O with a movie – Karsten og Petra på safari***a lion cub which has lost its mummy, grandpa being caught in a lion trap, and chasing a lion thief – just watching O’s expressions made my day. A child-size popcorn and a small box of juice made his day 🙂


A Happy Meal at McD and a walk in the area to see the sunflowers and the pigeons where he wanted to know the name of the statue! What a blessing and privilege to be a grandmother – highly recommended, especially when parents do a good job!

Expecting a quiet weekend as May&family will be away and I need some time to get my thoughts together before flying off.

A mother becomes a true grandmother the day she stops noticing the terrible things her children do because she is so enchanted with the wonderful things her grandchildren do – Lois Wyse

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  1. Hi James thanks for your kind words. You must have some interesting stories that go with your job. Do write them down and share when time permits or when the mood is there 🙂

    That is what life’s journey is about – some good memories to cherish and hopefully learning from the not so good ones…

    Take care and thanks for your being.

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