2015 Flood in SC/USA

7 Oct 2015 – Haze In SIN


Sun: thoughts and prayers to family and friends with floods in SC/USA and haze in SIN. Those affected please take good care and stay safe.



Linn&family and SC friends are thank goodness safe in their homes. Pix from her showed that the level of Lake Murray has risen by quite bit. The uploaded pix of her favourite bridge in CAE shows that the river walk looks like it is completely flooded. Many have lost everything and some lost their life. My heart will not be able to handle another disaster after their house fire 2yrs ago…


The haze and PSI readings in SIN are way unhealthy – am not looking forward to breathing that air. Haze pix downloaded and here is the irony of it…


And how smart can they be breathing in this unhealthy haze for a prolonged period of time???



Mon: more walks to get my mind into another mode but the flag at the US Embassy is a reminder of the gun issues with 10killed and 9injured in a shooting at the Umpqua CC in OR/USA on Thu.

Nok av det=enough of that – will keep my focus on some of my favourite scenes and subjects here in OSL besides O 🙂




Ibsen, like his plays and have read all of them in both Norwegian and English.


SlottetUniversitet Aula, Karl Johan gt with new sculpture.



St Olavs Plass centrally located in OSL where St Olavs, Munchs, Langes and Universitet gt all start here. Named in 1864 after St Olav (995-1030).


Pilestredet Park legesenter where my Norwegian doctor Eivind is located. Many fond memories together from our DUB student days. He is now a father to 2grown-ups, a grandfather to 2grandchildren and still the perfect gentleman I used to know. Thank you Eivind for being and for taking the time to take care of me and my medications.

Congratulations May for her Norwegian driver’s license.


Tue: the biggest and tallest sunflower seen, about the height of one storey high and some blooms bigger than my face. Flight booked to depart for SIN tonight but rescheduled to help with O. M&B will be busy with meetings and conferences the next few days.

When autumn darkness falls, what we will remember are the small acts of kindness – a cake, a hug, an invitation to talk and every single rose. These are all expressions of a nation coming together and caring about its people – Jens Stoltenberg

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  1. Hi James, greetings from Norway and how are you doing? Thank goodness there are no floods or haze where you are!

    You take good care and stay safe too.

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