Enjoying Every Moment

4 Oct 2015 – With Family & Friends

Fri: what beautiful morning – flawless blue without a single cloud, but with the moon after the red sky last night. O made a creative drawing which was hanging outside the daycare.


Today’s walk along a short stretch of Drammenveien passing the US Embassy, crossing to Parkveien behind the palace…


continuing to Hegdehaugsveien at the NorthFace store and a Norwegian brand Brynje of the super mesh merino wool base-layers that I have been searching for. Had a set from HellyHansen (cotton but not mesh), which lasted many years. Now is the time to get new set –  NOK1,088 S$186. Hopefully will not have to buy another set again in-spite of the colour, the only colour in stock there that is not on the top of my wish list!


Bogstadveien – no glass slipper but must be the one of the biggest shoes in my fairy-tale land! Thanks Mette for stopping by for lunch and helping me to eat up left-overs!



Sat: have not been to a puppet show since Linn was little. O enjoyed Den Magiske Kiste=The Magic Chest and I cherished every moment with him.  Billy and Killy, named by O and created by us. The playgrounds located by the puppet show is also another a hit. A popsicle at Café Vigeland was another success. What an enjoyably afternoon with the youngest grandchild.


A bouquet and a joyful jump to welcome autumn. The fragrant freesia always bring back sweet memory of innocent young love…

Young love, first love
Filled with deep devotion
Young love, our love
We share with deep emotion – Sonny James 



Pleasant drive to look at houses on this cool evening. This red MG reminded me of the dating days of a member of the family, except that the owner with what looked like his young grandson got into this car and drove off…


Stepped into Mad Fork, no ratings for just a drink – a cocktail+a beer NOK200+ S$35+ is reasonable where one probably pays more in SIN.  It is literally located across the road with interesting interior but certainly NOT greener on the other side of the road 🙂

Sun: M&B have plans to drive to Moss to get B parents’ boat on land before the winter and if O does not wish to be in the car-ride, I am here for him…

imagesIf the grass is greener on the other side of the fence you can bet the water bill is higher

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