To Grammie & Papa They Go

23 Jun 2016 – Over The Highways And Mountain Roads!


Sun: Happy Father’s Day to all fathers and to Jeff, the best father the FaBulous5 could have! As he was saying over dessert that if all the FaBulous5 decide to have a family and if they average 3each, then there will be 15great-grand for me but will not live to see that!! Wonder if putting them on a boat will get all their attention to take a pix then πŸ™‚


Father’s Day humour – both Jeff & I are fans of Calvin & Hobbes.


Mon: and they are off to spend the week with Dee&Terry+their 3cousins in NC. Linn is driving them to meet with Terry half-way. Wishing them all a fun and safe week. Will be strange and quiet in the house with a middle-age couple+their dog – hahaha, but hopefully will get to try out some adult! eateries in the area.


Dinner at Alodia’s***and the way to see how good an Italian place is to taste their simple classic pasta. The Crab Cakes were good; the Shrimp Fettuccine Alfredo was thick&creamy, but lack the umph! Was on the rich side and had to doggy-bag. Tkx Linn&Jeff for dinner.


Time to get the boat out of the driveway now that it is dry after the Father’s Day weekend boating. Being a weekday night, decided against a boating as the middle-age couple had to get early to bed πŸ™‚



Beautiful evening and Happy Summer Solstice to those celebrating. Lovely walk in the neighbourhood moon and star-gazing. Young people fishing and such good sportsmanship when he unhook the little fish to let them back in the water while keeping the big one for dinner. The view of the lake is just so serene that it is impossible to be tired of it.


Amazingly bright full moon, but no strawberry as the strawberry season is over here – blueberry now. Looking forward to Linn’s blueberry cobbler with vanilla ice-cream, yum! Goodnight Moon, goodnight trees, goodnight house, goodnight flag, goodnight road and goodnight to all. Tomorrow will be a new day and the days will start to get shorter.



Tue: nice that Jeff was able to join us for lunch. Spotted Salamander****2nd time round, will certainly return again next visit. Smoked Summer Squash Soup has good flavours and Tomato Pie Fried Chicken with basil, stew tomatoes, Pimento cheese, pie crumbs and honey basil mayo was delicious. And no Jeff was not wearing a tie πŸ™‚


Fresh produce shopping at City Roots,Β  SC’s first urban sustainable farm where they grow a variety of vegetables for local farmer’s markets, restaurant sales, and for our market on site. Thought I had pix of City Roots from when Linn was racing the 2014 Crawdaddy Dash, but sadly to discover that 2014 has gone missing from my hard-disk and a total void πŸ™ thank goodness for 2014 blog postings even when I do not post all my pix! 3 above pix of City Roots downloaded.


Wed: the heat and humidity is back and time to hide indoors unless before sunrises or after sunsets! Even a short shopping trip at Old Navy gave me a headache! Take-out dinner from Fusco’s Market****Italian night. Fresh Mozzarella and Livingston Farms tomatoes; Mussels Milano with garlic, lemon,white wine, and Sicilian olives. Served with Ciabatta Toast for dipping, all fresh andΒ  yummy. Their Red Velvet cake is so-so.


The saying that you can’t eat your cake, and have it too. But you can have your cake if you eat someone elses or bake another cake. With my present attitude and mind-frame, I do not want to eat it or have it πŸ™‚

Blame it on the full moon…

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