National Doughnut Day

6 June 2016 – Non-Stop Activities!


143-44824-doughnut-1412627337Fri: only in the USA and takes a runner to tell me this – Happy National Doughnut Day (1st Fri in Jun). Tkx for the doughnuts, Linn. Started in 1938 by The Salvation Army, National Doughnut Day started as a fundraiser to help the needy and to honor the women who served doughnuts to the soldiers during World War I.

Here is Sophie having her 2nds and this is where the saying is most appropriate – having eyes bigger than one’s stomach…

i_donut_care_iphone_5_5s_case-rc3cccbf25e81447dac7cacd72a5e8460_80cs8_8byvr_324Was told by Larry that I am in Krispy Kreme territory, and Dunkin Doughnuts is from Boston – Yankee!!!! To me Yankee or otherwise, it is still a sweet dough with a hole but without nuts 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend and go get your doughnuts on this 1st day of the summer holidays…


Wow! AR Cards – where have I been all these times?? Thank you John for the demonstration. Looking forward for him to showing me more of his high-tech games over the summer holidays! Will be the most up-to-date grandmom for these games – NOT!


While Linn & her gang is by the lake, indoors here having fun taking pix and seeing the various effects with the different lamp shades in this house. All of the shades came along with the house except the bell-shaped one (my favourite) in the kitchen which Linn bought. The others are the usual type with the fan attached on top, not too exciting, but we do need the fan in this hot humid summers.


Sat: collected 10pizzas at Little Caesar. Memories of all the pool gatherings at Carmel By the Lake Clubhouse in FL when Linn was in high school. Somehow, May did not like crowds and still does not! Glad that Little Caesar is still around – US$5per pizza is affordable to feed  a bunch of growing kids!

IMG_172613230321_10153487342881971_4645841709951510135_n15Jul2005 AT-NY

Jeff had 5interns (Brad, Brett, Andrew, Kevin and Joey, now even I am impressed to remember their names 🙂 ) for boating and skiing from 0900hrs-12n. Just for the fun of it, I asked them to pose for me as I did with Linn’s running buddies. 5young hunks in their 20s, 5runners in their 40s&50s and 4long distance hikers in our 40s&50s (pix from 2005) – this is how people who enjoy outdoor activities look like…


Sophie’s early 7thBday celebrations 12n-1500hrs. Was there to take the pix, said hello to everyone and had to take cover indoors. May and I are alike in that the heat and crowds are not our forte. That is why she moved to Norway!


The family has been on and by the lake since 0900hrs. It is past 1700hrs and they are still there! Tonight will be an early and quiet onejust look at the skin colour for #1&2!!!


Gave up taking pix after I saw this crowd! Don’t ask me who is who here. Besides The FaBulous5, I have no idea!! Rough enough for Jeff to be driving the boat with this gang, he does not need to deal with my heart attack!!! Bigger pix credit to Linn…

Sun: family is busy with church, functions, more Bday party for Sophie. Had a quiet day doing laundry, reading and cat-napping. Would not have survived another day like yesterday. Seems like even the kids are now not feeling their top perky selves this evening, and who would be after all these activities? They need to rest for at least until tomorrow…


Angel Oak, Johns Island SC is probably the oldest and largest Live oak estimated to be 300-400yrs, stands 65ft/20m tall, measures 28ft/8.5m in circumference, and shades with its crown an area of 17,000sq ft/1,600sq m. It is one of the most magnificent trees seen! Pix from Nov 2012.


Edited with the latest incoming news. Family and friends who might be affected in these areas, plx take care and stay safe. Pix downloaded from various sites.