UK Making History

24 Jun 2016 – 51.9% YES to Pulling Out of EU

Thu: week3 of Irmo XC summer conditioning! Linn and the other 2 coaches are coaching the team with first a 1m run followed by a swim workout and breakfast here today…


while the FaBulous5 (pix credits of them to Terry) are having a blast in some river in NC. Looking forward to seeing Katy’s pix. Good to see such an active sporty bunch of young people enjoying the lovely summer weathers. Happy Summer to All…


A successful shopping spree (total spending app US$200) for a few hours with some good deals at Old Navy, Ross (a perfect T-shirt, summer shoes and a set of underwear $21.37) and Nordstrom Rack, new for me (2shirts $29.90).


There is always something I can get at the DollarTree (like Daiso in SIN). 1storage-box, 2sunglasses with 2cases, 2packs of greeting cards & 6packs chewing gums, all for $20.

IMG_2124IMG_2127Most expensive ($45.11 for 1large jar/750ml and 8shorts) shopping today was@Kroger’s Liquor Store. Palmetto Moonshine made in Anderson SC, and the signature award-winning White Lightning is determined to preserve the rebellious spirit and southern traditions of the moonshine culture. It is an un-aged/young! corn whiskey made from a recipe handed down from generations of moonshiners. Produced using custom copper still built by a 5th generation moonshiner to call this SC’s first legal moonshine.!palmetto-moonshine/col1

Not forgetting US$28 to fill gas in the car and that will let me drive for app 360mi (14.2gal@$1.91pergal). $50 for tenderloin+lobster tail, Portabello mushrooms dinner for 3, and some kitchen and toilet paper towels.


Sankthansaften is celebrated on 23Jun in Norway and that is tonight. In present days, the main event is the burning of a large bonfire. Happy Mid-summer night and sweet dreams – it is also said that, if a girl puts flowers under her pillow that night, she will dream of her future husband. Certainly no flowers under my pillow tonight and still paranoid about fires!!!

And sleep, that sometime shuts up sorrow’s eye, Steal me awhile from mine own company ― William Shakespeare in A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Fri: UK made history by voting (51.9%) to leave EU and David Cameron to quit after UK votes to leave EU. Well wishes for UK and EU in these uncertain times ahead. This brought back memories from 1975 when Norway voted to not join EU.



Turbulence and Uncertainty for the Market After ‘Brexit’… as if anyone can predict the future here!!!


TGIF and my last Fri here in the US for this trip. L&J will be off for a weekend trip to meet up with Matt (pix credits of the Bowmans to the Bowmans), Scott (pix credits of the Tubbs to the Tubbs), their spouses and another couple from school-days.

304282_10150369950386971_50988288_nHave know these boys, now middle-age men 🙂 since middle school days, 1980s! Safe journeys to them and for sure they will have a good reunion.

Dog and house sitting this weekend and looking forward to exploring downtown CAE tomorrow!

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