Sesquicentennial State Park

19 Jun 2016 – Happy Father’s Day


IMG_1868IMG_1867Fri: TGIF and the last day of VBS where #2&3 completed their whole week. #1, 4&5 did not attend today. And so concludes 2016 VBS at Shendon Baptism Church where #1 got to enjoy the volunteer lunches as she was helping out. The carved water melons are just some of the foods displayed served to the volunteers. #1 ensured me that she ate well for the week 🙂


Golden Corral is not the same as my previous visit! It is now an all you can eat buffet-joint with 150+items. We were fortunate to be leaving when 2bus-loads of people arrived! Perfect place for very active people who need to fuel their body – all you can eat for US$8 for seniors! But most of us do not need to eat like there is no tomorrow.


#2&3 were excited to experience such a tall chocolate fountain – today they first had to take some proper lunch before they were allow to eat all the dessert they wanted – ice cream, all kinds of foods dipped in chocolate, cakes&cookies, etc.  Just looking at them consuming those sweets was enough for me 🙂


Saw this interesting hair-do and at first thought it was a hat!!! Bad traffic with accidents on I-26+storm warnings in various counties on the way home.


Sat: bright and early out to Sesquicentennial State Park where Linn&Co are running. Located in the Sandhills region in the suburbs of CAE, this 1,419acres park includes a 30acre lake. Was there before it was opened, so parked at Murice’s BBQ lot (across the road) and walked for an hr before driving the car into the park (US $3.25for SC seniors).


The weather was at its best for walking.


Beautiful flowers along the way.


The spider-webs are of sizes like these – where they are by the road and assuming that most people drive into the park, thus not disturbing these weaves.


It is an amazing morning and was pleasantly surprised


by a flock of geese and the lovely water-lilies on the lake.


Unfortunately did not have the time to get onto the trails, but they do look inviting.


The Columbia Running Club was hosting their annual Summer Social and it was breakfast time for Linn & her running group who started at 0600hrs and ran from 9-18miles. First taste of a warm Krispy Kreme doughnut and it is yummy! Also time to bid farewell to this group. Appreciations to all for allowing me to take pix and to observe their practices and training.

Tomorrow is Sunday and Father’s Day – plan to prepare a Bourbon Salmon late lunch  with Irish Creamed Potatoes for the family while they are at church.

The more civilized man becomes, the more he needs and craves a great background of forest wildness, to which he may return like a contrite prodigal from the husks of an artificial life – Ellen Burns Sherman

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