Schools Year Ending 2015

31 May 2015 – Goodbye May 2015

Thu: gave a presentation and slide show to Ellie’s fourth grade class about SIN and their new year celebrations, focusing on the CNY. Appreciations to Mrs Patton for having me in her class. Red and white glazed sugar cookies from Blue Flour and 26 red packets with a lucky penny were given for them to remember SIN and CNY.


Lunched with Sophie first to discover that the cafeteria was out of ice-cream and snacks. Walked to McD to get milk-shakes and cookies for Ellie and John as their lunch was after Sophie. James was happy to be a part of his siblings’ school happenings. Took him to the McD playgrounds until Linn was done with the recruiting for the high school running team!


While Linn & the other kids were at swim practice, James and I went swimming down the lake. Thank goodness both of us like the water. Slept very well that evening 🙂


Fri: Sophie’s class for slide show and pizza.


Field day for Ellie where they had to fill the bucket. Could only stay out for a short while as the hot sun was blazing on an unhappy head between noon and 1300hrs. Had to get indoors, otherwise might not get to my own bucket list… hahaha

34a0d2a29fc3fd92fc1a1bb37161dd98L&J had date night and we had hotdogs, Minions cookies, watched movie and dancing – Katy the DJ and singer is a great help being the eldest of the flock. Fun watching them but where does all this energy come from?????

Was too tired to climb even one flight of stairs to get the camera!


Sat: family busy with kiddies’ bday party and boating with friend. Booking one-way ticket on Greyhound US$68 to meet with Glenda&Franklin/NC so that I can ride with them to Harpers Ferry/WV. It has been 10yrs ago since last at HF – the half-way point on the AT.


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