Memorial Day Weekend

25 May 2015 – Life Is Good
Thu: swim and water-gun fight with the kids at the lake. Jeff made this yummy sweet consisting of melted butter and brown sugar poured over saltine crackers covered with chocolate which he calls ‘Scott Thingies’

Asked Scott to provide a name for his Thingies and here is the answer – the official name is ‘Chocolate Bark’, but it became well-known in UF and IV circles as Scott Thingies, affectionately dubbed so by Linn and/or Jeff W.W. I haven’t actually made our had one in many years, wish i could partake. Glad to hear the legend lives on!



Fri: #2 Ellie’s Book Award Nominees & Biomes Project – Tropical Rainforest at Irmo Elementary.

IMG_1640 - CropIMG_1639

Tropical mangoes with fresh cherries after #2 Ellie’s Biomes Tropical Rainforest Project. Finally a pix with #4 Sophie – like her ‘mormor’ she likes food 🙂



Sat: Congratulations to Linn & The Strictly Running Team for a good run and for placing at the JailBreak 5K Run at The Lexington County Sheriff’s Department on Gibson St. The 3 masters are Shannon, Linn (20:18mins) and Joyce.



What a beautiful and glorious day for a race. Perfect dry cool morning.for short walk in the neighbourhood. Learnt from one of the sheriffs that jail and prison are not the same!


What a pleasant surprised from #1, 2 & 3 with laundry in machine, freshly-made muffins and table set when we returned from the race…


Sun: Frank & Jennifer who will be getting married in Nov stayed for the night as they were attending a friend’s wedding here in town. Linn was out for her run and Jeff on call – poor them having to put up with me!  Good luck to them and all the best for their future.


Family’s new toy in the driveway with John’s shark helmet to give an interesting touch for the pix 🙂


Combined BBQ, not the same as grilling, dinner with Haley, Brian their 2 boys and 2 dogs who live next door. Zuno loves being there as they have a fenced-in backyard and he can run freely and play with their bitch! Gave them 3 rib bones each and I became their best friend, for that moment 🙂 🙂



A short sunset boat ride on the lake to end this wonderful day.


On Memorial Day, I don’t want to only remember the combatants. There were also those who came out of the trenches as writers and poets, who started preaching peace, men and women who have made this world a kinder place to live – Eric Burdon