Hello June 2015

2 June 2015 – Summer Is Here!


Sun: interesting sermon at Shandon Baptist Church about ‘Money Matters’ by pastor Dick Lincoln. New light bulbs in the lobby. Church services here are certainly not like the ones in SIN during my childhood days or my student days in Dublin/Ireland. The singing of hymns are replaced by loud music, which actually is OK except that it could wake the dead – will usually sit in the lobby to protect my eardrums. As it is the hearing is not at its max vol… hahaha


Great to catch up with Dee&Terry and to meet Jeff’s cousin Jeremy&family who are all en-route from a wedding. Thanks to L&J for lunch at Fatz Cafe*** good Onion Burger.



Finally got a SimCard for my mobile. Here in the US, it is not so easy to get a SimCard as it is in the rest of the world. This new ReadySim seems to work, even though it has taken me an hour to figure it out! Appreciations to Linn for driving me to Kroger’s at TwoNotch Rd after church.

ByKatyL&J and the kids (except for Katy) went swimming at the lake while I fell asleep trying to figure how to work the mobile with this new card. Woken by the thunder and lighting and the family back in the house.

Katy who is an adolescence thru’ and thru’ (in a good way), captured this lovely pix with the rainbow which she titled – ‘Promise From God’.

imagesCAIQM2S1Mon: Happy Vesak Day to those celebrating. Informally called ‘Buddha’s Birthday’ and commemorates the birth, enlightenment (nirvāna), and death (Parinirvāna) of Gautama Buddha. Also known as Buddha Day, is a holiday observed traditionally by Buddhists.

From Linn FB posting: ‘in case you’re looking for us… early dismissal days ‘


IMG_1849IMG_1851Me:  and incase you are looking for Ellie and I – we are in the comfort of an AC Home 🙂 It is sooo wonderful that the kids have this lake access and are happy in the water. Also good to have Ellie wanting to fold origami in doors. She also likes the water, but probably did not feel like it today.

1 Jun – Happy Bday Morten

2 Jun – Happy Bday KK & Richard

4 Jun – Happy Bday Erik

6 Jun – Happy Bdays Dika  & Harry

9 Jun – Happy 6th Bday Sophie

15 Jun – In memories of my father LAM Tin Yue and my children’s grandfather John HALD Sr (both not with us any longer but the two men I have most respect and admiration for).

21 Jun – Happy Father’s Day

25 Jun – Happy Bdays nephews John & Clement and to HI student Huang

28 Jun – Happy Bdays Jeff,  John/MoFo & Adriane

30 Jun – Happy Bdays nephew JenMun & AnnieKoh


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