Trail Names

28 May 2015 – Tiger or Tiger-Lil


Got this play parachute at the World Market sale for US$13. First experience with it was on James H2O day and thought it looked fun.

Mon: Jeff on call and Linn took the kids to the lake. Nice day with the kids in the backyard. Made a fire for them to roast marshmallows and kept a vigilant eye on it!


Thus ending this wonderful Memorial Day Weekend with the Fabulous 5, their parents and dog. Towels and swimsuits ready for another week of blessings. Thank you.


Tue: baking morning with Anna and decided to make kransekaker which is made with almonds, sugar and egg-whites forms a series of concentric rings of cake, layered on top of each other in order to form a steep-sloped cone shape, 18 or more layers. Usually for very special occasions!


Here is a cat who thinks it is human and tries to read the messages on the fridge and understands Norwegian; also tires to drink water from the fridge’s tap 🙂


Wed: we are all safe and sound. The accident happened before 0600hrs this morning and Linn was on this exact stretch of road an hour before the accident. Jeff drove on other roads to work, took him 1.5hrs with all the back-ups. Pix credits – wltx19


To my fellow AT hikers and other AT hikers. ‘Bismarck’ might have been on the trail when we were there – ‘Miss Wiggy, T2, Gadget, MoFo, HiHills, Pokey, Loon, SkyWalker, SawBuck, Lizard’. Pix credits – BBC

‘Lizard’Lori Marsh: ‘He was! He attended our Mother’s Day feed at Craig Creek Valley. He seemed nice and just like any other hiker’.


I go by ‘Tiger or Tiger-Lil’ for the 2005 thru-hikers group. Given to me by my fellow hikers with great humour when they decided that I needed one as we were chatting and resting by a patch of Tiger Lily flowers.
When ‘Magic’ told me that when he was in the navy and has been to BKK, I then asked him if he has been to a Tiger Lily Show? He replied no and asked what it was. Had to then explain what it is…

Behind her smile, behind her laugh, behind her happy face…is everything you don’t understand  –

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