Parliament House

28 Mar 2015 – Salute To Mr Lee Kuan Yew

Thu: decided to check into this backpackers’ place 5footway.inn Project Boat Quay***by SIN River and directly across from the Parliament House. Figured that it was the only way I am able pay my last respect to Mr Lee and attend my last Chinese class in Chinatown the next day!


That way, could follow the updates by popping over across the river to check out the situation or just do so from the 3rd floor. It was well worth S$40 (bunk-bed w another female) + breakfast!


At the lines 1600hrs and then was told  7-8hrs wait. Decided to head into Chinatown to pick up dinner.


Pleasant stroll by the river and ate my take-out dinner by the riverbanks at UOB. By 2200hrs, there was still no change in the waiting time, so went to sleep and had the alarm set for 0300hrs.


Fri: was at the lines by 0345hrs to discover that it was not the priority line. Must have looked rather distraught, tired and helpless!! A kind young non-uniformed man accompanied me straight to the security line bypassing all kind of lines. 0350hrs thru’ security checks and after that was app 20mins line to get into the Parliament House. Paid my respects 0415hrs and was out by 0418hrs.


Thank you Mr Lee for taking care of me even as you lie peacefully in the Parliament House!


Back to the room to continue with my sleep. Nice views at breakfast on the 3rd floor.


Last Chinese lesson for this time round. Appreciations to two excellent teachers, YONG WaiSeng (left) & LIM YuenTee (right) who managed to keep me interested in this class and willingly want to return for more!


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