Celebration Of Food & Places

21 Mar 2015 – At URA & CBD


Enjoy visiting Urban Redevelopment Authority/URA to see what is new but this time round, it was also to ask as to what is becoming with the corner site on Marine P Rd now that the former Republic Theaters is demolished? Dreams and hopes down the drains for it being a MRT station. Another commercial 5-storey building with 3 basements is the reality 🙁

Food plays a major part here in SIN where one is able to taste world-wide cuisine on this tiny red dot! Met 4 delightful young students who explained their creative accessories for certain local food. Thank you for their patience with my questions and comments.


‘Nasi Lemak Serving Plate’ by LIM CaiJin, made this meal more attractive to digest. Different decorative presentations can be placed in this see-thru’ tray to accommodate the creative juices.

IMG_8020IMG_8017 - CopyIMG_8017

‘Satay Sauce Dipper’ by Marcian Emil Ignatus. Good idea for those who eat satay and can relate to how we all have different techniques when the meat is no longer near the tip of the stick!

IMG_8019IMG_8018IMG_8018 - Copy

‘Tulang Marrow Extractor’ by Muhammad Amirrul Afig. On first sight at a different angel… !! Anyway, now one can taste the marrow of the bone in a more delicate and graceful manner than sucking.

IMG_8021 - CopyIMG_8021IMG_8022

‘Food Packaging’ by Samuel TOO ShaoKai. Eco friendly and hope that more people are mindful about the environment. The best is still the old-fashioned metal tiffin-carrier where you can wash and reused. Unfortunately in today’s fast pace rat-race, very few bother.

15588_10153212692965681_1680939121365818373_nSaw a nice one that I would like to have – a bamboo carrier with ceramic bowls by Jenggala. Made in Indonesia. More appetizing and healthy to eat straight out of these bowls. Seeming you can find it on the website and order online.

Tkx Michelle for sharing this.


The Big Picture by Stephen Wiltshire drawn from memory last year at Paragon in now in place on the 2nd floor.


Some nice exhibits, especially this tree-trunk table.


Decided to continue to the Central Business District/CBD since it was still not yet rush hour and also it has been awhile since I was last there. Marina House on Shenton Way and Dapenso building on Cecil St where I worked in the early 2000s are no longer. Interesting exterior decor at Maple Tree on Anson Rd – giants’ hearing aid for my senior ears and years 🙂


Cecil St

CapitaGreenc CapitaLand600x9001capitagreen_gallery_1capitagreen-building-details

CapitaGreen at 138 Market St with unusual red petals on the roof is the latest eco-friendly building but not quite completed yet, nearly there. Looking forward to seeing and visiting this building.


Designed by Toyo Ito, it will be the greenest CBD office building. Decked with greenery on every floor, crowned with unique wind funnels on the rooftop, channeling air into a void to help cool the ACMV system in the building. More than half of the building façade will be covered with living green plants. CapitaGreen pix downloaded.

When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world – John Muir

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