The East End of SIN

21 Mar 2014 – Colourful & Vibrant Peranakan Influence



IMG_1879IMG_1884Not my usual walk but was pleasant to have a change of scenery, without sound of waves and views of the sea. Siglap Park Connector will bring you to Bedok Res Pk, Pasir Ris Pk and Changi Beach Pk Park. Walked this stretch starting from the opposite direction (via EC Pk) sometime ago, nice except for the section by the airport (green tunnel on concrete sidewalk) where the planes are practically above you head. Started that walk at 0600hrs when the weather was predicted overcast then and ended in the late afternoon.

This time round, just a short 30ins walk by back gardens with beautiful flowers and fruit trees… Artocarpus heterophyllus/Jackfruittempting but unable to run away like we used to in the 1950s our childhood days 🙂

Thanks Carmel for a nice lunch gathering. Good to be able chat with her mom who is visiting from Ireland and to catch up with Mei-Ling in our hectic life!


The colourful Peranakan life style here in the East Coast area never fails to amaze me. These shops on the main East Coast Rd and are will certainly catch your attention. Pix taken thru’ the bus window, thus slightly blurred. Those who are thinking of visiting SIN or are interested about SIN might want to know and learn more…

Personally I do enjoy this part of SIN more than anywhere else in SIN, and just as well as I live in this area 🙂


The Peranakan Museum here in SIN is a must for visitors to understand the SIN culture and this is not located in the East but in town near the National Museum.


Penang and Malacca in Malaysia have stunning houses (open to public for a fee, the blue one is a hotel) that gives an idea how lavish a style some of these wealthy Peranakans have.

You’re Born, You Get Married, You Die – The Peranakan Version

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