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11 Mar 2014 – Dedicated to those Affected by This Flight… and the Ferry/Apr


None of the speculations for Flight MH730 have been confirmed. Still hoping for the best but preparing for the worst. Best to just keep the prayers and thoughts going for those affected.


1896755_834444289905507_1970109313_nThe heart has not been in the best of moods lately, thus hibernating and watching movies that will soon be forgotten! Flight MH730 and those affected in this flight has been reoccupying the mind. It has been 3 days ago and all the news have yet to be encouraging.

malaysia-airlines-tragedy-lead-1And the plot thickens, read the book and watch the movie when they are out and that certainly will happen. Can bet you that someone somewhere has already started with the plot. Thanks to Chesper for the link:


140310150517-nr-quest-malaysia-airlines-flight-00022920-story-topTue: 34 planes, 40 ships and search crews from 10 countries are scouring a large area of the South China Sea near where the plane was last detected. And still nothing and as CheeHoew mentioned, the Pacific is sure a big area!

Malaysia-Airline-crash-3222585Thanks to Lucy for this interesting link:


The irony that high tech is so advance and yet no traces and signs of this aircraft, a Boeing 777-2H6ER, the 404th Boeing 777 produced, it first flew on 14 May 2002, and was delivered new to Malaysia Airlines on 31 May 2002.

140311134342-flight-course-00001224-story-topEdited 12 Mar 2014: why did MH730 turn its direction???


map-on-the-current-search-dataWish all these authorities can get their act together to have compassion and to understand the there are 239 life + their family and friends involved!


Re-edited 14 Mar: Happy 9th Birthday dear 2nd grandchild Ellie.

Even I am frustrated now, so think of how those who are directly affected by the missing flight MH730 feel? Not that I am agreeing or disagreeing with these conflicting info. Somehow is this not a joint Southern China Airlines Flight 748?? So what are the roles of the Chinese officials???

According to the news, the Chinese had info on Sun morning but did not share. As mentioned this is not taking considerations or thoughts to the affected people but now more a political and power game + cultural difference. Somebody call me when the info are confirmed,  accurate and correct!

This link really top the icing of the cake, wah BOMOH BOLEH!!! What next????


Hopefully final edit: 24 Mar 2014 – RIP to all the passengers on MH730. Deepest condolences to all their families and friends…


26 Mar 2014 – And the conspiracy starts with salt & vinegar…


Interesting read…


27 Mar 2104:

Laurence Gonzales, author of flight 232: A Story of Disaster and Survival, says some nations are bound to have more sophisticated surveillance systems than they are letting on. “A very small, fast ballistic missile can be picked up easily, so how can they lose a big, slow-moving object like a jumbo jet? It tells me somewhere in the angles of power in the world someone knows where the plane is but doesn’t want to talk about it, probably for reasons of national security because they don’t want to reveal the sophistication of the material they have… that their satellite technology is so good it can read a label on a golf ball,” he says.

29 Mar 2014:



2 Apr 2014: ‘May not be solved’ and Do NOT want it to be solved are two entirely different issues:

28 May 2014:



Oct 2014: an interesting link to follow:


2 May 2014:


5 Mar 2015:


12 Jun 2015


8 Mar 2016 – Today, marks the 2nd anniversary of the disappearance of flight MH370


17 Mar 2016