27 Feb 2014 – Check Ups


Before the food poisoning was at Mt E to run some tests on the heart as the energy level is just not right for me! Anyways am in the best of hands and still running more tests; a real double whammy with the food poisoning on top, but this too shall pass. Today’s tests results will give them an idea as to what can be done to a silly heart that is not broken but blocked 🙂

IMG_1334Ting reminded me about my last food poisoning which she though was not that long ago. But then time flies when are having all the fun… 🙂 🙂 The last bad food poisoning was 5yrs ago in Sarawak. Also stayed with Les&Ivy then so that they could keep an eye on the situation like now.


Feeling blessed, fortunate and privileged to have such a caring and considerate bro and sis-in-law. A beautiful secret garden is a serene and peaceful place to hide, especially under such circumstances.


Richard in HKG cheered me up by digging into his old family pix and found these 1982 pix. Thank you Richard. Did not have a camera then, so must be May&Lock’s. That was when I visited them when they were visiting HKG and May came to the airport in a chauffeur-driven gold Rolls-Royce to fetch me!! 1st ride in a RR then, and today it is the 2nd! Had much fun boating on her parents’ yacht with the kids, Dika, Minos and Candice Yung at Kau Sai Chau.

Those were the days my friend
We thought they’d never end
We’d sing and dance forever and a day
We’d live the life we choose
We’d fight and never lose
For we were young and sure to have our way.
La la la la…


23 Feb 2014 – Food Poisoning!

Nebraska****after receiving a sweepstakes letter in the mail, a cantankerous father thinks he’s struck it rich, and wrangles his son into taking a road trip to claim the fortune.  Shot in black and white across four states, Nebraska tells the stories of family life in the heartland of America…
Plans for driving to Montana this summer and wanted to see what to kind of landscape to expect. Besides Mt Rushmore, not too exciting scenery, easier to focus on the interactions of the different characters who did a pretty good job to portray the life in the American wheat-belt! Fantastic cinematography and a well-told story of a bittersweet portrait of a family. Some young rude guy behind was obviously not enjoying the movie, he stormed out muttering what a waste of money and time. Each to their own…

Fri: dental & medical check-ups, the dental bit went OK but some problems on the medical side. That too shall pass. Met up with the Tays, their friends and some relatives for the afternoon. Candice amazed me by eating durian and even enjoyed it.


Was throwing up all evening. Thought it was the side-effect of the new medications. Later to discover that bro Leslie was having the runs and we had lunch together. The only thing we shared was a kaya toast at Toast Box across the street from Mt E. A report will be filed.


Sat: annual get-together at Glory with HongSze, Richard&Judy from Sydney. Could not eat but still had a lovely time with nice company. Drinks and fruits back where the world map is more or less in place to cover the book shelves! New furniture and new looks after nearly 15yrs!

Sun: feeling tired; rest rest rest as more tests at Mt E await tomorrow…

The dessert, properly prepared, contributes equally to health and comfort; but ‘got up’ as confectionary too often is, it is not only distasteful to a correct palate, but is deleterious and often actually poisonous – The Complete Confectioner, Pastry-Cook, and Baker

A Day with the TAYs

19 Feb 2014 – Tourist Guiding…


Tue: Paragon is a good meeting place to start the day. Mt E is just behind here and Candice being a cardio-anesthesiologist requested to learn and observe how it done in SIN. Appreciations to bro Les for making it possible.


Nice to meet Alfred’s sis Maryann. Lunched at Lucky Plaza food count, continuing to Chinatown by public transport for the Tays to try the bus. Linda & Candice shopped till they nearly dropped  🙂 had to revived them with dessert at Mei Heong Yuen****



IMG_1716To Bugis by the new Downtown MRT line with decorative reserved seats  (first time even for me!). Parkview Sq new rules do not allow pix to be taken indoors and the angel does not start to fly until 1700hrs! Beach Rd Banco Ct Prawn Mee closes on Tue. So off to Arab St and the Malay Heritage Centre with an excellent guide and a young man providing us with our names in Jawi, Javanese and Bugis.


Early dinner at Zam Zam but still prefer the food at Tekka in Little India. Back to the East around 1830hrs and decided to take a short trip to the local library.  Could hardly keep the eyes open, so had to leave. Hoping for a short nap which turned out to be a couple of hours, consequences, still awake pass 0300hrs…

Learn from yesterday, live for today, look to tomorrow, rest this afternoon – Charles M. Schulz  Charlie Brown’s Little Book of Wisdom

Tao Payoh

18 Feb 2014 – An Older Satellite Town


IMG_1678Sun: at ToaPayoh to visit with Mindy & KimBeng. Thank you for having me. Somehow the memory drifted back to some articles read some years ago that this satellite town is the 2nd oldest in SIN and that HMQE 2 visited this area in 1972.


Thank you to KB (who grew up in this area) for showing the area around #79 blocks which are connected from block A-D by a sky walk on the 12th floor. From there one could have a good view of the HDB Hub on a lovely breezy evening walk, and that he remembers the old blocks as he lived just around the corner and when the constructions stared he had to walk around it to the bus/MRT terminal.

Jerome LIM, a SIN blogger who did an excellent post with good heydays pix on Tao payoh in 2010 came into mind…


Mon: the full moon is absolutely stunning recently and especially peaceful without any cars or people on the road. Managed to surprise cousins Linda & Alfred and niece Candice at the airport. Welcome back to SIN after a short trip in KCH & BKI.


Thank you Harold for the Thai dinner at Thanying Restaurant*** (Amara Hotel). And nice to meet him. Speedy recovery to him after a back surgery.

Appreciations to Linn for thinking of me with this quote.

Thank you and she certainly knows me well 🙂


Ritz Carlton

17 Feb 2014 – Lunch with an Artistic Flair!



Sat: good buffet lunch with niece Sue and nephew Clement at Rita Carlton’s Greenhouse****must have been 10+yrs ago since I was last there! But did not realize that Dale Chihuly’s Sunrise was there then. This time round, the reason for this venue is to see the art pieces after 3hrs lunch…

Appreciations to CK Lee who provided info regarding the hotel having a self-guided audio art tour with a guide book, highlighting some signature art pieces displaying at hotel’s public areas. The hotel’s concierge do lend these podcasts to any interested guests. The art tour offering was created as an unique experience which one cannot get in another hotel in SIN.


Learnt that it is designed by Irish architect, Kevin Roche. The Ritz-Carlton Millennia Singapore (新加坡丽嘉登美年大酒店), marked C on map with 600+rooms over 32 floors was opened in 1996. Houses 4,200 piece modern art over some 10,000sq metres of chromafusion glass and mother of pearl.


The only outdoor piece is Zhu Wei’s ‘China China’. Frank Stella’s ‘Cornucopia’ dominates the lobby. John Rose’s ‘Double Screw’ commissioned for the lift lobby.


IMG_1645Malcolm Morley’s landscape. Sue admiring David Hockney’s colour lithograph/screen prints and Rainer Gross’s landscape oil on canvas. Many others more art pieces…

but the main reason is that I am a total fan of Dale Chihuly who is an American glass sculptor and entrepreneur. His works are considered unique to the field of blown glass, moving it into the realm of large-scale sculpture.




Sunrise, Sunset, flowers in a vase and birds in the garden are here.


By the time we ended our art tour, high tea was served in the Chihuly Lounge where Sunrise is and do not need any more food for the next week. If I do not go on a diet, will certainly die very soon…


Ended this lovely Sat evening at Clement’s catching up with movies, Despicable Me 2*** and Enough Said*** Somebody plx tell me what was going on at Bukit Merah View Sat 15 Feb? People holding ropes and walking around make-believe money, what a total contrast from the Ritz!!

Just think of all those women on the Titanic who said, ‘No thank you’ to desert that night.  And for what? – Erma Bombeck


15 Feb 2014 – Time to put away the CNY decorations!

Philomena***** based on the 2009 investigative book by BBC correspondent Martin Sixsmith (Coogan) ‘The Lost Child of Philomena Lee’, Philomena focuses on the efforts of Philomena Lee (Dench), mother to a boy conceived out-of-wedlock – something her Irish-Catholic community didn’t have the highest opinion of – and given away for adoption in USA.


Brilliant acting and interactions from both.

This movie managed to trigger off a particular memory which have been buried and still not ready to talk about it yet. Perhaps some who has lived in Catholic Ireland and can be objective about the Catholic faith might have a more insight and understanding… ie not blind faith!

The ending scene was profound when the old pathetic nun excused herself for doing what she did. Philomena nobly told the nun that she forgives her while Martin looked on with contempt and told the nun that he could never forgive her. The anger in him is reciprocal – it is just heart-breaking to again watch how some helpless innocent get abused and manipulated by people who are in the power to help 🙁

Seldom do I rate movies with 5* but this one managed to strike a sensitive nerve!

A wise Australian friend, Denise: it was a fabulous movie. and a moving movie. and a proof that the life of a nun was unnatural and made some bitter old ladies.–REAL-story-haunt-forever.html



Arc’teryx Spring/Summer 2014 Collection Launch: thank you to Calvin and staff of Campers’ Corner for a lovely evening! Enjoyed meeting various people who have outdoor activities in nature as our common interest. Not your usual food but very tasty with a leg of ham and a wheel of cheese! All the best of luck to Calvin in this new location. Campers’ Corner is the best outfitter stores here in SIN


Happy Valentine’s Day and this year, the moon for the Chinese Valentine’s Day happens to fall on the same day! Thank you Henry for the beautiful rose. Last day of the CNY celebrations and time to put away the CNY decorations until the Goat’s turn!

This is #1000 posting since this blog started in 2008!

All  you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t  hurt – Charles  M. Schulz

Tower Club

12 Feb 2014 – LAM JieChiew’s Branch of the Family Tree


Pink mobile from Lawrence gave up on me after falling in the toilet! plus a few bumps on the floors over the years. 30 Apr 2011: tickled PINK with all the new things but do not know how to use a thing. Today: pink camera destroyed in fire and with no more pink, not so tickled with the new things and still do no know how… 🙁

Mon: Lawrence arrived from KCH to meet up with cousins arriving from CA/USA tomorrow. Could not be contacted until I know how to answer this new phone!! Can it be that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks is getting to that stage?? Just need to show that the older the dog, the longer time needed to learn as long as the determination to learn is there 🙂


Tue: yes success to contact Lawrence and thanks to Les&Ivy for the use of their car and chauffeur we made our annual trip to pay respects to our parents at Mandi Crematorium. The porcelain roses got a new layer of spray paint but will have to look into getting some new ones again.



1930s1930s - CopyWelcome to SIN cousins Michael&Betsey, Linda&Alfred and niece Candice from CA/USA. These cousins’ and cousin Joy’s grandfather LAM JieChiew was the older bro our grandfather LAM SongKee/left.


Back from left: Joy, Leslie, Sue, Lawrence, Betsey, Candice, Alfred, Michael; front from left: me, Ivy, Jo, Joyce and Linda

Can never thank Les&Ivy enough for their gracious kindness to pull the family together for these wonderful gatherings. Tonight, starting with champagne, strawberries & smoked salmon in their home and continuing with dinner at Tower Club*****with top wines from Les&Ivy’s cellar and food at the club.


Unusual and nice display, Tower Club Prosperity Yu Sheng/LoHei for starter. Ended with a tasty dessert of Chilled Avocado Sago topped with Ice Cream which was probably a green tea ice cream that over-powered the avocado but still good.


Appreciations to David&SanSan, SIN friends of Michael&Betsey for the family pix.  Great that niece Sue was able to be there to meet another of the orange generation, Candice. Cousin Joy, you are the only LAM in SIN from the LAM JieChiew’s branch we know of, tkx for being there with us.

Safe journeys to KCH and BKI and hope to hear from you all if you have the time on transit in SIN back to CA/USA. It is really nice to share some heritage with you.

It is not the honor that you take with you, but the heritage you leave behind – Branch  Rickey

The Amazing World of Butterflies

9 Feb 2014 – M1 Mobile problems!


Fri: could kick myself for not remembering to take pix!! Camera was in the bag!! Thank you to cousins Wilki&Patti and lovely niece Daisy Chia (The Yoga Shala SIN) for their company over lunch in Little India. Pix from 2010 also in Little India, not much change besides more white on the top of the head and more waistline 🙂 Safe journeys back to HI/USA.


Dropped by Parkway to check with M1 as to why unable to receive calls. Was told that M1 was having problems during my absence and everything is OK now. Discovered that I have accidentally inserted the pre-paid card instead of the correct one was quite a relief. Thought for a moment that all contacts were lost. All’s well that ends well with the unexpected drumrolls of the Lion Dance.


Changi Airport has 3 terminals and even after immigration one can connect to all 3 via the skytrain. T3 is the newest and T1 has been newly refurbished. If possible usually give myself more time than needed when travelling from SIN. Pix from 2013 starting from SIN airport-OSL-London all destroyed in the fire.



IMG_1426IMG_1431The Butterfly Gardens in T3 (after immigration) is a peaceful place to visit; a colourful feast to the eyes and calming effects before travels! Another round with the butterflies as there are only 2 pix in the 30 May 2013 posting! One of them came to say hello lingering on the arm for quite a while.

IMG_1408The caterpillar does all the work, but the butterfly gets all the publicity – George Carlin

Four Points by Sheraton

6 Feb 2014 – Kuching, Sarawak


KCH is over-blogged since 2008. Been visiting at least once a year since then but this is the first time on a regular airline, Malaysian Airlines/MAS flying via Kuala Lumpur/KUL. Tiger Airways have unfortunately taken SIN-KCH off their route. Was able to get fares for under S$100 SIN-KCH-SIN then. AirAsia, the other budget airline’s fare for the required dates were much higher than MAS and this time round it was just under S$200 to fly MAS!


Mon: arrived in time for dinner with Chuan and Jack. Appreciations to Chuan for meeting me at the airport and for arranging dinner at The Dyak****


And first time staying in a hotel in KCH! Bro Lawrence’s house is pack as his whole family, John & family and Larry are here to celebrate the Big 80! Bro in law Michael, sis Joyce, bro Leslie&Ivy and I stayed in the Four Points by Sheraton**** hosted by the owner of the hotel.


Tue: thank you Tan Sri Ting for a wonderful stay in a pent-house room with a view and a private memorable lunch of fresh fish, prawns, etc specially prepared under the instructions of Mrs Ting.


Happy 80th Birthday to #1 bro Lawrence. Blessed to have brothers and tonight at the Sarawak Club with family and friends, we celebrated with delicious food, champagne and wine. Thank you Lawrence&Mabel, John&Francesca, Justin, Sabine and Larry. Good to catch up with many of Mabel’s family.


B/W pix from 1930s & 40s in SIN.


1950s in SIN and 1960s in Dublin.


Wed: lunched at Imperial Duck***Sago pudding and tea (unusual Irish flag colours!) in Damai Beach Resort (pleasant 1hr drive) and dinner at The Dyak****for Les&Ivy to try. Glad that they enjoyed the food there too! Night-cap at Les&Ivy’s suite was a perfect way to end this lovely evening.


Thu: KCH laksa with Angelina, Raymond&Agnes and Larry. Apologies Angelina, had to start without you but glad to have some minutes to catch up even though it was a bit of a rush. Had to pack and the plane will not wait. Sorry to miss Kurt who will be arriving from Belgium later.


Tkx Chuan for the ride to the airport and some minutes over a cuppa. The MAS landing from KUL-SIN was the worst ever experienced, thought for a moment that it would be the end… 🙂

Too much of a good thing can be wonderful – Mae West

But as the years pile on, too much of a good thing can make one feel unwell 🙁

Welcome to the Year of the Horse

2 Feb 2014 – The Wooden Horse to be specific!

Wonder if it would just rock backwards and forwards without galloping… ?


Fri: appreciations to sis Jo and niece Sue on this 1st day of CNY, started with the visits to the aunties, first to 4th aunt/PohKua who will be 100 in Sep. Great to see cousin Wilki&Patty from HI/USA, our annual catch up. They were wondering what outfit I would turn out with his year? Was fortunate to find this child-size belly dancing scarf to spruce up an old green suit from working days. The largest size in the kids’ department shoe store has a perfect pair of red shoes with magical power 🙂

IMG_1378 - CopyIMG_1375 - Copy

Welcome to SIN, cousin Michael&Betsey (red circle) from San Francisco. Looking back into some old pix, it has been nearly 60yrs ago we celebrated CNY together. The B/W pix is from 1955 at 5 Temenggong Rd where everyone there is related! Bro Leslie is in the red rectangle. Cousins Wilki, Yun and I must be climbing some trees since we are not in the pix 🙂 🙂

Will figure out who these cousins of my dad when cousin Linda arrives from LA. She will know as this is her branch ie LAM JieChiew, grandfather’s elder bro.


Handsome grandnephew Stanley surprised me by asking if he could take a pix of us. Was touched by this gesture and glad to see that the purple generation are growing up to be such fine young adults. Wonders never cease now that the Wooden Horse has rocked fully into 2014. Appreciations to Les&Ivy for the food and wine.

1797331_10152251708717502_1986734353_n12708_10152251708457502_1161719008_nContinued with visits to KK & auntie Kwok and to cousin Karen to catch up with her parents (from KCH),  paternal grandmother’s branch. By then was too tired to remember the camera!

Downloaded from Karen’s FB, she with her mom, auntie Ngor and Karen’s home-made delicious KCH laksa.

Sat: surprised visit from Hannah and her parents. Good to be able to chat with her parents.


Sun: visit with 2nd sis-in-law GeokSiew, niece JenLeng&ChinSheng, their son KeeYang& daughter QiYing. This is the largest group from my siblings. 4th sis-in-law PohKit, nephews Vincent&Clement were also with me and good to see the 2 sis-in-law having such a nice time catching up. Thank you niece JenLeng for having us in her lovely home. Appreciations to nephews Vince and Clem for driving and navigating.


Looks like the grandchildren in USA also had a blast celebrating the CNY. Just love that they are all in red. Pix downloaded from Linn’s FB friend.

Have to pack, heading to bro Lawrence’s 80th Bday tomorrow. Never a dull moment with the size of my family 🙂 🙂 🙂

2 Feb – Happy Bdays Cathrine & Garry

4 Feb – Happy 80th Bday Lawrence & Happy Bday Kurt

14 Feb – ♥ ♥ ♥ Happy Valentine’s Day ♥ ♥ ♥

15 Feb – Happy Bday Guri

16 Feb – Happy Bday Mike/AT Trail name LOON

18 Feb – Happy 50th Bday Henry

20 Feb – Happy Bday YatSoon

24 Feb – Happy Bday Bjørn  and Happy 50th Bday Calvin

Dorothy: How do you talk if you don’t have a brain?

Scarecrow: Well, some people without brains do an awful lot of talking don’t they? – Wizard of Oz