Ritz Carlton

17 Feb 2014 – Lunch with an Artistic Flair!



Sat: good buffet lunch with niece Sue and nephew Clement at Rita Carlton’s Greenhouse****must have been 10+yrs ago since I was last there! But did not realize that Dale Chihuly’s Sunrise was there then. This time round, the reason for this venue is to see the art pieces after 3hrs lunch…

Appreciations to CK Lee who provided info regarding the hotel having a self-guided audio art tour with a guide book, highlighting some signature art pieces displaying at hotel’s public areas. The hotel’s concierge do lend these podcasts to any interested guests. The art tour offering was created as an unique experience which one cannot get in another hotel in SIN.


Learnt that it is designed by Irish architect, Kevin Roche. The Ritz-Carlton Millennia Singapore (新加坡丽嘉登美年大酒店), marked C on map with 600+rooms over 32 floors was opened in 1996. Houses 4,200 piece modern art over some 10,000sq metres of chromafusion glass and mother of pearl.


The only outdoor piece is Zhu Wei’s ‘China China’. Frank Stella’s ‘Cornucopia’ dominates the lobby. John Rose’s ‘Double Screw’ commissioned for the lift lobby.


IMG_1645Malcolm Morley’s landscape. Sue admiring David Hockney’s colour lithograph/screen prints and Rainer Gross’s landscape oil on canvas. Many others more art pieces…

but the main reason is that I am a total fan of Dale Chihuly who is an American glass sculptor and entrepreneur. His works are considered unique to the field of blown glass, moving it into the realm of large-scale sculpture.




Sunrise, Sunset, flowers in a vase and birds in the garden are here.


By the time we ended our art tour, high tea was served in the Chihuly Lounge where Sunrise is and do not need any more food for the next week. If I do not go on a diet, will certainly die very soon…


Ended this lovely Sat evening at Clement’s catching up with movies, Despicable Me 2*** and Enough Said*** Somebody plx tell me what was going on at Bukit Merah View Sat 15 Feb? People holding ropes and walking around make-believe money, what a total contrast from the Ritz!!

Just think of all those women on the Titanic who said, ‘No thank you’ to desert that night.  And for what? – Erma Bombeck