Tao Payoh

18 Feb 2014 – An Older Satellite Town


IMG_1678Sun: at ToaPayoh to visit with Mindy & KimBeng. Thank you for having me. Somehow the memory drifted back to some articles read some years ago that this satellite town is the 2nd oldest in SIN and that HMQE 2 visited this area in 1972.


Thank you to KB (who grew up in this area) for showing the area around #79 blocks which are connected from block A-D by a sky walk on the 12th floor. From there one could have a good view of the HDB Hub on a lovely breezy evening walk, and that he remembers the old blocks as he lived just around the corner and when the constructions stared he had to walk around it to the bus/MRT terminal.

Jerome LIM, a SIN blogger who did an excellent post with good heydays pix on Tao payoh in 2010 came into mind…



Mon: the full moon is absolutely stunning recently and especially peaceful without any cars or people on the road. Managed to surprise cousins Linda & Alfred and niece Candice at the airport. Welcome back to SIN after a short trip in KCH & BKI.


Thank you Harold for the Thai dinner at Thanying Restaurant*** (Amara Hotel). And nice to meet him. Speedy recovery to him after a back surgery.

Appreciations to Linn for thinking of me with this quote.

Thank you and she certainly knows me well 🙂