The Amazing World of Butterflies

9 Feb 2014 – M1 Mobile problems!


Fri: could kick myself for not remembering to take pix!! Camera was in the bag!! Thank you to cousins Wilki&Patti and lovely niece Daisy Chia (The Yoga Shala SIN) for their company over lunch in Little India. Pix from 2010 also in Little India, not much change besides more white on the top of the head and more waistline 🙂 Safe journeys back to HI/USA.


Dropped by Parkway to check with M1 as to why unable to receive calls. Was told that M1 was having problems during my absence and everything is OK now. Discovered that I have accidentally inserted the pre-paid card instead of the correct one was quite a relief. Thought for a moment that all contacts were lost. All’s well that ends well with the unexpected drumrolls of the Lion Dance.


Changi Airport has 3 terminals and even after immigration one can connect to all 3 via the skytrain. T3 is the newest and T1 has been newly refurbished. If possible usually give myself more time than needed when travelling from SIN. Pix from 2013 starting from SIN airport-OSL-London all destroyed in the fire.



IMG_1426IMG_1431The Butterfly Gardens in T3 (after immigration) is a peaceful place to visit; a colourful feast to the eyes and calming effects before travels! Another round with the butterflies as there are only 2 pix in the 30 May 2013 posting! One of them came to say hello lingering on the arm for quite a while.

IMG_1408The caterpillar does all the work, but the butterfly gets all the publicity – George Carlin

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