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12 Feb 2014 – LAM JieChiew’s Branch of the Family Tree


Pink mobile from Lawrence gave up on me after falling in the toilet! plus a few bumps on the floors over the years. 30 Apr 2011: tickled PINK with all the new things but do not know how to use a thing. Today: pink camera destroyed in fire and with no more pink, not so tickled with the new things and still do no know how… 🙁

Mon: Lawrence arrived from KCH to meet up with cousins arriving from CA/USA tomorrow. Could not be contacted until I know how to answer this new phone!! Can it be that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks is getting to that stage?? Just need to show that the older the dog, the longer time needed to learn as long as the determination to learn is there 🙂


Tue: yes success to contact Lawrence and thanks to Les&Ivy for the use of their car and chauffeur we made our annual trip to pay respects to our parents at Mandi Crematorium. The porcelain roses got a new layer of spray paint but will have to look into getting some new ones again.



1930s1930s - CopyWelcome to SIN cousins Michael&Betsey, Linda&Alfred and niece Candice from CA/USA. These cousins’ and cousin Joy’s grandfather LAM JieChiew was the older bro our grandfather LAM SongKee/left.


Back from left: Joy, Leslie, Sue, Lawrence, Betsey, Candice, Alfred, Michael; front from left: me, Ivy, Jo, Joyce and Linda

Can never thank Les&Ivy enough for their gracious kindness to pull the family together for these wonderful gatherings. Tonight, starting with champagne, strawberries & smoked salmon in their home and continuing with dinner at Tower Club*****with top wines from Les&Ivy’s cellar and food at the club.


Unusual and nice display, Tower Club Prosperity Yu Sheng/LoHei for starter. Ended with a tasty dessert of Chilled Avocado Sago topped with Ice Cream which was probably a green tea ice cream that over-powered the avocado but still good.


Appreciations to David&SanSan, SIN friends of Michael&Betsey for the family pix.  Great that niece Sue was able to be there to meet another of the orange generation, Candice. Cousin Joy, you are the only LAM in SIN from the LAM JieChiew’s branch we know of, tkx for being there with us.

Safe journeys to KCH and BKI and hope to hear from you all if you have the time on transit in SIN back to CA/USA. It is really nice to share some heritage with you.

It is not the honor that you take with you, but the heritage you leave behind – Branch  Rickey

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