A Day with the TAYs

19 Feb 2014 – Tourist Guiding…


Tue: Paragon is a good meeting place to start the day. Mt E is just behind here and Candice being a cardio-anesthesiologist requested to learn and observe how it done in SIN. Appreciations to bro Les for making it possible.


Nice to meet Alfred’s sis Maryann. Lunched at Lucky Plaza food count, continuing to Chinatown by public transport for the Tays to try the bus. Linda & Candice shopped till they nearly dropped  🙂 had to revived them with dessert at Mei Heong Yuen****



IMG_1716To Bugis by the new Downtown MRT line with decorative reserved seats  (first time even for me!). Parkview Sq new rules do not allow pix to be taken indoors and the angel does not start to fly until 1700hrs! Beach Rd Banco Ct Prawn Mee closes on Tue. So off to Arab St and the Malay Heritage Centre with an excellent guide and a young man providing us with our names in Jawi, Javanese and Bugis.


Early dinner at Zam Zam but still prefer the food at Tekka in Little India. Back to the East around 1830hrs and decided to take a short trip to the local library.  Could hardly keep the eyes open, so had to leave. Hoping for a short nap which turned out to be a couple of hours, consequences, still awake pass 0300hrs…

Learn from yesterday, live for today, look to tomorrow, rest this afternoon – Charles M. Schulz  Charlie Brown’s Little Book of Wisdom

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