A Million Thanks

15 Mar 2014 – To Those Who are Helping me Thru’ a Rough Patch

Les&Ivy, Sue, Clement, KokSoon&Carmel, KK, Leo for their being & to all those with their thoughtful voices and words.


Thanks Sue for a lovely lunch last Sun at Imperial Treasure****Changi Airport  T3. Have been too preoccupied with flight MH730 and other issues, apologies to those who deserve the attention and acknowledgements whom have been neglected…


Pleasantly surprised between 0800-0830hrs on ECP, this section is usually bumper to bumper at peak hrs. It really does help with the MCE! After Rochal exit, it was good for a short section, then bottle-neck started after Bugis. Looking forward for the road works to be completed… appreciations to Sue again for this ride.


Was trying to figure out some of the older pix to see what Linn might not have. But the energy and mood levels are not quite with it. Taking small steps. 2005 when Ellie was born and the year the AT was hiked and completed! Sharing Linn’s pix with the 4 of them enjoying their sushi out in their new yard; Ellie’s new running outfit, even with the tag still hanging 🙂


Discovered Maprang, looks like a mini mango with a very slight hint of mango taste, but more a texture of a plum, ie less fibre compared that to a mango. Rather expensive, app S$20 per kilo. Bought 8 and cost S$6.20, each fruit 0.80cents for this tiny fruit.


Views at the front door thru’ smooth & rough times. When one is unappreciative and unaware of your surroundings and your PRESENT, then you have wasted time, no matter how smooth or rough! That moment never returns. Still no rains in our Green Garden City, quite distressing to see it turning into a brown city. Even the rain-dance with the rain-stick, was only a few drops in this area but other areas had more!!

IMG_1867Fri: great to catch up with this group of gentlemen who crossed my path 15yrs ago. Tkx to Leo for getting dinner, Chuan for those delicious melt in the mouth cookies, Justin for flying back German cheese and the informative talk, Robin, for joining us, been 11yrs ago since we last met at his wedding! Good Luck to Justin for his Brunei project and would love to visit when there is AC in the living quarters 🙂 🙂