Happy 40th Birthday

18 Mar 2014 – To Linn, my First Born

Now going on her 5th decade with 5 children after many relocations – also means many of us in the green generation are heading to the 7th decade as reminded by Alfred 🙂



Looking back the past 4 decades, starting from 1974 when and where Linn was born in Dublin/Ireland and moved to Nesøya/Norway when she was 3 months.


By the time Linn was 3yrs (1976), we relocated to Lyngseidet/Norway, 4yrs (1977) to Tromsø/Norway, 6yrs (1980) to Korsvoll/Norway, 7yrs (1981) to Kolsås/Norway. Pix with May from 1984 at Kolsås on Linn’s 10th Bday.


1985 to CA/USA, 1988 to FL/USA. 1993 Linn moved to UF and with her husband Jeff to OK/USA 2000-2003.  2003 – Present SC/USA. Pix from 1994 with May at LHHS Homecoming, FL/USA


2004 Christmas SC/USA with Jeff, Katy and Ellie on the way! Not many pix in my procession after Linn & May left for university. Thanks Linn, edited with the correct time line after you started you own life.

40 years ago today, I became a mother. Appreciations to Linn for being my first-born and sharing for this life’s journey, very blessed and so sorry, unable to be with you for your day. Looking forward till when we meet the next month. In the meanwhile take good care. Always love and miss y’all tons. Hugs from mom.


Sometimes, mothers say and do things that seem like they don’t want their kids… but when you look more closely, you realize that they’re doing those kids a favor. They’re just trying to give them a better life – Jodi Picoult

5 thoughts on “Happy 40th Birthday

  1. Happy Birthday, Linn! btw your mum is wrong……you are entering your 5th decade! But, of course, we are well into our 7th decades ourselves.


  2. Thank you!

    This is The time line, in case you were wondering…
    1993-2000 UF
    2000-03 OKC
    2003-present SC

    Enjoy your day, Mom! Celebrate your birth-day! 🙂

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