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9 Dec 2012 – Peace on Earth


Yeah finally caught up with sleep! The covers are off the furniture and one can find a chair sit down on, but as for unpacking, that is another story 🙁 The apt at present looks like a battle-field with just about everything over everywhere (except the living area) including Christmas correspondences and gift ideas! Oh well, there is always tomorrow 🙂


Today the advent calendar is up and there are still 16 days to open! For those who are not familiar with this advent calendar – it is a piece of embroidery with 24 pockets switched by hand (took a couple of years!). For the past 10yrs, it appears on 1 Dec if there is life here, otherwise it appear whenever life is around for Dec month. Thank you in 24 languages and 9 Dec is toda/Hebrew.

Hope to one day learn all the 24 languages of thank you without looking at the back where the correct language is written! And all these well wishes for the holiday season should somehow not just be for the holiday season but for everyday.



Tkx to Helen for introducing Coffee Bar K, which actually is quite misleading! This hip bar specialises in cocktails rather than coffee. An amazing varieties of cocktails prepared by Japanese bartenders and one can find just about any brand of the single malt whisky. Not the best time to be tasting cocktails and whisky with a jet lag but always a good time to catch up with friends.

What whiskey will not cure, there is no cure for – Irish proverb

Helen & Brian returned to SIN after their post-grads from London around the late 1990s when our paths crossed. This delightful young couple decided to tie the knot and I was given the pleasure to attend their wedding back then. Now with 2 children and the successful owners of Lock + Store Self Storage, this couple has come a long way. Well wishes and good luck to them.

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