A Long Journey

6 Dec 2012 – and a long time to be away…


15+hrs from NYC-PVG (airport code for Shanghai) on a full flight with mainland Chinese but thank goodness for ear-plugs. No matter how wealthy a nation is, something is missing when common courtesy is lacking! Layover for 4hrs and not much changes from the last trip there in 2009, except that one can now buy hairy-crabs. Chinese mitten crab/大閘蟹, Eriocheir sinensis also known as the big sluice crab, and Shanghai hairy crab/上海毛蟹 at the PVG airport shops…


but not willing to take the risk with them considering what recently happened on an Egypt Air flight from Cairo to Kuwait, would have died of a heart attack on that flight! Just the kind of news to read when one is flying! Imagine the headlines, plane forced the pilot to make an emergency landing due to an invasive species of hairy-crabs 🙂



Flight to SIN was fortunately not full with the last 10 rolls unoccupied. Found 4 seats to lie down, snoozing most of the 5+hrs flight arriving safe and sound on time Wed 5 Dec 0530hrs at T3. Welcoming me back to my birth country by Han Meilin’s Coming Home. The drive was pleasant with a cab driver updating me regarding about the bus strike and informing me about the deportation of these strikers…



After 20+hrs flight time and 4+hrs layover at PVG airport, it is still a wonder that I can see straight. Had to look twice to realise that it is a different colour. First thought was, wrong place but Blk 46 is correct and the play-ground no longer exist! A new layer of paint does clean up the building.

First was a cool shower followed by some local food and local drinks. Furniture in the flat still in covers and have not unpack but in good time after food and sleep. Am blessed to have a safe and clean place to return to after a long journey. Now to calm the overworked physical being and mental mind…


I have found both freedom and safety in my madness; the freedom of loneliness and the safety from being understood, for those who understand us enslave something in us – Kahlil Gibran

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