L&M’s Norwegian Family

24 May 2012 – Bye-bye for now Linn & James

Tomorrow they head home to SC/USA but am consoling myself that Sep is not that far away and here is Olai!! Has been a fantastic week with the weather on our side. Yesterday a shopping morning in Sandvika and photo moments in the area at Bærum Rådhus/City Hall designed by Magnus POULSSON

L&M are great-grand daughters of the renowned architect Magnus Poulsson (their paternal grandmother’s father) who designed Oslo & Bærum Rådhus + many well-known buildings in Norway.

Their paternal great great-grand father JohnHALD/I was the first director of Ullevål University Hospital; great-grand father, JohnHALD/II director of Martina Hansen’s Hospital; grandfather, JohnHALD/III built up Tromsø’s Orthopedic department; father JohnHALD/lV, a neuro-radiologist at Rikshospitalet. L&M will have much to learn about and from their extensive families.

Lunch with Ellen and the last time we sat out there for lunch was when John/L&M’s grandfather was still alive (6 Jun 2008). It was also a beautiful day like today and he said the most touching thing, ‘Amy, you know that we worked very hard to get this glorious weather to welcome you’… he died Aug 2008 age 85.

Shopping at IKEA on the way back to OSL and was caught in an awful traffic-jam. Poor James, he was so good and no complains from him in spite of the jam in a non-AC car. Appreciations to B for the use of his car.

Only in the agony of parting do we look into the depths of love – George Eliot

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