8 May 2012 – and the Briskeby area

Today at 1415hrs Piggsoppgrenda 6 at Kolsås/Løkenhavna, Norway  was sold, thus tieing up this inter-section in life. Tomorrow will be another new day for more experiences in life’s journey 🙂


Briskeby is an area located in OSL. It is mainly a residential area with some commercial activity, especially along the Briskebyveien. Attractive and expensive neighborhood just around the corner of the Castle and Frognerparken.

Uraniborg kirke/church is situated on Uranienborghøyden behind the Castle. The Church was designed by Balthazar Lange and was consecrated 1886. Built with a sober Gothic feel, decorated with frescoes of Enevold de Thømt and stained glass Windows by the artist Emanuel Vigeland. In 1930 the Interior got its present design by architect Arnstein Arneberg. Above 4 pix credits to various sites.

It is now a cultural monument and under more works and cleaning.

Another beautiful day exploring around the Briskeby area with many interesting and charming buildings including where Johan SC Welhaven/1807-71 lived. Poet and literary critic, his first major poetic achievement was Norges Dæmrin. A good number of poems inspired by folklore and folk poetry. He also wrote some hymns and was a professor in philosophy at The Royal Frederick University in the 1840s Christiania!

An interesting brown house has motives from the viking time and stave church. The red one has a lovely white window arch with birch tree and a lovely flowering magnolia tree by the entrance, blooming to welcome the occupants 🙂

Street and park trees provide tremendous benefits to cities – Gavin Newsom