5 May 2012 – State of Qatar

Thu: closing down the flat is not that fun but good to have that done. Appreciate to have SueLynn checking on it now & then so that there will be no surprises upon return! Was at SIN airport T3 for some local supper (will be app 6 months without this food!) and surfing online before the 0220hrs flight to Doha/DOH.

SIN-DOH: a passenger had quite a dramatic nose bleed just a few seats across the aisle from me. Thank goodness there was a medical doctor on board and things were under control. After 7+hrs on a rather full plane with 4+hrs in DOH was an experience.

Fri: Arr DOH 0430hrs with the sun way up above the horizon. The new airport is under construction and was strange to fly into an airport where the only airline on this entire desert environment tarmac is Qatar Airways (with the exception of some helicopters and a private jet)! Had not seen so much fence with bulb-wires since childhood days.

Passengers had to be bus to different terminals. Their tentative system by colour coding as to which terminal you are supposed to be reminds me of my own colour-coded family tree! A glass-wall prayer room does not give much privacy to worshippers. Signs posted No sleeping in prayer room, maybe some are illiterate or perhaps they were so into their prayers and did not see the sign! USA flight gates have the best view at present, with the town in the background.

DOH-OSL: 6+hrs and with an empty seat next to me was a luxury after 7+hrs tightly squeezed in the window seat. Uneventful and pleasant flight watching 3 movies and landing in OSL 30mins ahead of schedule but to get stuck at the immigration for 40mins with only 3 counters opened. Convenient with a direct bus right outside the airport (NOK 205/S$45) to M&B’s apartment on this lovely cool drizzly afternoon…

The closest thing you will ever come to a brain storm is a light drizzle – unknown