Busy Weekend

14 May 2012 – fire, parades, lawyer, recycle-plant & lunch!

Fri: awoken to the sounds of sirens with a fire truck in front of the window. Fire and a lot of smoke from the neighbouring block’s chimney were the reason. Thank goodness nothing serious and things were under control within a few minutes.

En route to the lawyer and was fortunate to run into the marching bands with flag bearers from various countries including Ireland and USA marching towards the City Hall ( probably 17 May rehearsals! ). Even the cool drizzle did not stop the kids from nursery and pre-schools from being in the audience 🙂

Horses trotted elegantly down the cobble-stone road by the National Theatre (under renovation). Interesting coloured-glass windows by the staircase at the lawyer’s office at Prinsens Gt. Solveig has been my lawyer for nearly 30yrs!

Sat: first experience to a re-cycling plant on this beautiful day. Emptying the house and driving the last few loads to this location where the car with everyone and everything was weighted at the entrance. Well-organized system with all the different bins clearly marked. After emptying the load, was re-weighted to calculate the stuff unloaded. A 30yrs old house did add up to many Saab loads of junk. 700NOK/S$150 for 1 ton!

Sun: Yummy Norwegian smørgårdsbord at M&B’s apartment with their friends, Ida & Arne, Julia & Harald on Mother’s Day but not celebrated here. Much appreciations to M&B for the lovely lunch, putting up with me, helping with the sales of the house and all the work involved before, during and after the sales.

Listen up, you couch potatoes: each recycled beer can save enough electricity to run a television for three hours – Denis Hayes