26 May 2012 –

This is a repeat from 4yrs ago. After Linn & James took off, the mood to write somehow will not be from the heart. This too shall pass and life goes on.

A relief to know that they are both safe and sound, happily reuntied with the rest of their family in SC/USA. Seemed like quite an eventful journey, having to claimed and re-checked in luggage in BRU/Belgium as she wanted to catch up with AmyJ. 20mins together is better than no minutes. Her suitcase did not make it to IAD/Dulles in addition to flight delay there.

Thank goodness it was better service on UA from BRU to IAD/USA. Must have been tough, with yet another connection from IAD to CAE. All’s well that ends well, her suitcase was waiting for her in CAE upon arrival. Bless her for taking this journey to introduce James to her Norwegian family.

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