A World in Turmoil

10 Aug 2011 – Where When How Why What!

The summer weather here in OSL has so far been a mixture of alternate days of sun and rain, which has made it unnecessary to water the little patch of grass and garden that exist! Can we keep burying our heads in the soil?

All the food, garden, weather etc talks are not going to help (or would it!) with what is happening and this is just over a period of less than one month which is most disturbing. Are there answers and solutions besides voicing our concerns??? Perhaps like the ostrich, the heads will remain buried to yet another scenario of it is not happening to me…

Sharing an educational link and a thought-provoking speech in hopes of understanding the unrest and turmoils.

22 Jul: The bombs and shootings in Norway.

Jul/Aug: Unrest in Africa and the  Middle East

9 Aug: Violence spreads across England.

Some comments from friends in that area-  The rioting has been in the poorer parts of London, and the poor victims are those who have lost their homes and businesses eg a barber aged over 80 who had his shop burned down. Its just hooliganism. The world has gone mad!

It’s troubling. Yob culture and opportunistic looters are all jumping on the bandwagon orchestrated by anarchists and serious mischief makers.

9 Aug: Stock markets and financial world in turmoil.

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