Forest Adventure

13 Jul 2011 – Man-Made Adventure with Safety-Strings Attached!

Thanks to CH for this adventure posting in FB. To answer my question for previous posting, there is LIFE in SIN. This really looks an exciting and fun thing to do. What a wonderful idea to be hoisted above ground, especially in the tropics where hiking is not that tempting due to the heat and humidity. Also hopefully to avoid the inserts and snakes!

Forest Adventure is an aerial course built through the trees comprising ladders, bridges, swings, nets, trapeze and giant zip lines!…

Equipped with a harness and a helmet and attached to a safety line, participants get to swing from tree to tree and zip across the Bedok Reservoir. Be ready for a real adrenaline rush with  4 giant zip lines – including the longest at 200 metres.
Must find out more about it when back in SIN. An excuse to arrange an outing with grand-nieces and grand-nephews! Must be at least 1.4m in height and weigh not more than 150kgs. Hmmm… wonder if there is a senior discount, LOL. But it says – Be ready for a real adrenaline rush! Might get a heart attack in the middle of it!! Now that my loose ends are more or less tied! ie will and red-tape paper works have been taken care of, so no worries 🙂

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Have a great Bday bash there CH and do tell all about it after the experience. Will he be in his kilt???

I like all the adventure sports but I like to do them in a safe way – Catherine Bell

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