Rude Awakened Dragon!

25 Jun 2011 – A Very China SIN in 10 years!

Happy Bdays to nephews John & Clement LAM, also to HUANG YiYong in HI

Being a regular flyer on budget airlines can sooo sympathize with this blogger’s experience! Thank you for sharing. The Dragon had a rude awakening and unfortunately the cultured and gracious Dragon no longer exist! She has been consumed by the rat-race! It is now The Rude Dragon! Since many of us are Chinese of race, it is rather sad that this is happening! Looking at the pix might give an idea (not that it is an excuse) to the survivor of the fittest concept. Would probably be stampede to death for trying to be courteous in this situation 🙁

Years back, I used to think that the Australians are totally racists and are sort of anti Asians immigrants.

But after living in Sydney for 2 years I realized that these immigrants from China and the middle east, have not really integrated into the Australian society at all. In fact, they have diluted the Australian society with their terrible accents of rotten English, bad mannerism and a lack of social etiquette! Now, I understand why Australians are not happy.

I flew Tiger airway back from Bangkok to Singapore. Almost the entire cabin crews were Filipinos minus the Ang Mo pilots! And although a budget airline, but still, it belongs to Singapore and should hire Singaporeans to give it the right identity. I can’t feel that I am a Singaporean being welcomed by our own airline at all tonight.

Just as I was about to settle in I was disturbed by a class full of Chinese Nationals on board talking so loudly. Through their conversation I realized tha! t they are actually working in Singapore but were in Bangkok for holiday. They were loud, rude, refuse to seat down when the seatbelt sign flashed and one of them even pushed me on his way to the toilet!

I couldn’t take it anymore and shouted at the China guy who pushed me, and guess what he replied? He said (In mandarin): “ your government welcomed us with open arms to help you guys who are infertile to produce children, so we are your savior. In 10 years time we will ask you to shut up and not you telling us what to do Singaporean!”

I was speechless!

If Singapore continue to import this sort of low life from the some caves in the 3rd world, give them red carpet treatment and call them “Foreign Talents“ then Singapore will be in big trouble with alien species infestation.

Our 50 years of national building, where together our countrymen have collectively created steps upon steps of cultural identity. Looking at the incident on board the airplane I can’t help but to think that soon Singapore will be finished! You will be seeing a very China Singapore in the next decade!

I never felt so powerless as a Singaporean in my own country. Where is the Lion’s roar? It looks more like our Lion is within the claws of China -the awakening dragon, these days!

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