Grandpa at the Beach

26 Jun 2011 – Have a Wonderful Sunday & SMILE 🙂

After all the serious postings, need one of these periodically to lighten up! Thanks to Aileen for sending me this and a good one to share. Since Grandfather’s day this year is on the 11 Sep ( a day that many would rather not remember), will post this today for those who are not yet grandpas but have potentials to be someday! This funny is specially dedicated to Harry who is just waiting patiently 🙂 🙂

Grandpa at the Beach

Life is short but a smile takes barely a second


2 thoughts on “Grandpa at the Beach

  1. Hey Ting … glad you enjoyed it. Sometimes one needs some these to lighten up. Life can be too serious!! Do share it and make someone SMILE. Have a good week

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