Laptop & Mobile Crises

18 Jun 2011 – Problems with High Tech

Tue: laptop has been acting up and the mobile company Telenor where the sim card is subscribed with has been having problems. Thank goodness it is OK again yesterday, felt so lost and out of contact! Was quite desperate as was waiting for messages. Wed: father would have been 100yrs; @the library in Sandvika to get on-line as nephew Clem is in CPH and will be arriving OSL the next day. Needed info for his arrival time and location. Spent a lovely evening at Kris & Gier and their garden is to die for! Appreciations to them for inviting me to stay for dinner.

Thu: got up at 0600hrs to catch the 0700hrs bus into OSL, then 30mins walk to the DFDS ferry terminal. It was a beautiful day. The ferry came into OSL fjord docking right on schedule at 0930hrs. After checking into the hotel, walked to the palace and was fortunate to see the change of guards. Could not resist ogling and taking a pix with such handsome guards 🙂

Spent all day in town visiting the attractions. Thanks M&B for letting me stay the night. Was too tired to take the bus back to Kolsås and then back again to OSL the next day to meet up with Arne & Ingeborg.

Pix left to right: Stortinget/The Parliament: literally translated storting=big thing! Free lunch was served outside the building and it was tasty. There was a campaign to not waste food.
A wall painting from Oslo rĂĄdhus/OSL City Hall which is designed by L&M’s great-grand father, the famous architect. Magnus Poulsson.
Akershus Slott og Festning/Akershus Castle & Fortress, more info and pix from 2008 posting.

Opera House: where one can walk up and down the roof, including the seagull!
We were again lucky to be in the audience of a most entertaining and cheerful performance by the Jernbanens Musikkorps/Railway Band just outside Oslo Sentralstasjon (Oslo S)/OSL Central Station. That made my day 🙂 🙂

Clem was fascinated with the electrical cars/buddy car which would really be quite ideal for all cities. But he did not think that in SIN, the people would go for such a non-status car! That is really unfortunate as the these would help with the pollution and save on gas and space.

Fri: rained all day but feet stayed dry, thanks to May‘s rubber boots! Had a wonderful time catching up with Arne & Ingeborg. Arne crossed my path in the 1960s. He is now retired from accounting but has decided to go back to study Law at the U. Both his children are also studying Law; according to him, he needed to have something to talk with the children! No worries with communication, being the people they are, both Arne & Ingeborg can charm just about anyone. Such a delightful couple.

Technology… is a queer thing.  It brings you great gifts with one hand, and it stabs you in the back with the other – C.P. Snow

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